Root partition size requirement.

Asked by Amelia Teu on 2006-08-03

Attempted to install Ubuntu 6.06 on a 2.5GB drive divided into four partitions; one for root (700MB), one for usr (1.1GB), one for home and one for swap... like I always do. However, Ubuntu wont install unless the root partition is at least 2GB. Yet my current install of fedora on another machine quite happily accepts a root partition of 900MB. Is it a problem with the Ubuntu install or is the root going to take up that much even though a different partition exists solely for usr?

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Nafallo Bjälevik
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Nafallo Bjälevik (nafallo) said : #1

 Hi Amelia!

This is because Ubuntu saves it packages in /var/cache/apt/archives. That directory should always be large enough for you to be able to download the packages you want to unpack and install.

Cheers, /Christian

Amelia Teu (a-schaaf) said : #2

Thanks for the explanation; maybe size more to do with install from CD rather than downloaded packages because that's a lot of packages in the resultant post install space remaining; the question arose due to limited drive space available on this machine (an old 1999 Gateway with dual-boot) and the lack of access to another drive vastly smaller than 80GB (bios limited to 32bit address)

Amelia Teu (a-schaaf) said : #3

Thankyou for the comments. Sounds like my best option is to overcome the lack of drive size support. Dapper Drake is now installed and working fine though there is very limited home and swap space at present.