The existence of Dell e6410 certified Ubuntu 10.4 LTS image

Asked by stuart taylor

On this page of the ubuntu site, it states that the Dell Latitude e6410 has been awarded the status of Certified on Ubuntu 64-bit PC (x86_64). Awesome.

However, the page goes on to state:

A special image of Ubuntu is available via the computer manufacturer designed for this specific computer. It takes advantage of hardware features for these systems and may include proprietary software and codecs. Please contact the computer manufacturer for access to that specific Ubuntu operating system version.

We have a good relationship with dell, they are our current supplier of office machines, but they say no such image exists.

I also not that the page states:

Ubuntu releases:
10.04 LTS (Pre-installed only)

So when we enquired as to the availability of purchasing an e6410 pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.4, that SKU doesn't exist and so wasn't an option.

If Dell cant sell it, and Dell support says the image doesn't exist, and they don't support it, then who wrote this page?

Give the e6410 has some well documented short comings on Ubuntu, i as i'm sure would others am very interested in an image of ubuntu 104 amd64 that does work.



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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

I'm sure if you call again and get someone else at the other end of the call center, you'll get a different response.

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stuart taylor (ubuntu-j-notation) said :

So if you read my question you would see that the company i work for has a business account with Dell because we buy our machines from them, and with that account we get enterprise level support. We have spoken to several Dell support and service teams, and have contacted the USA teams too.

None of the Dell staff we have contacted knows anything about Ubuntu 10.4 being certified for the E6410, and a Dell image being available.

So i ask again, how did that page get on the Ubuntu website.

Someone in the Ubuntu team knows one way or another.

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Aris Ioannidis (ioannidis-a) said :

I am wondering the same thing. I bought an E6410 with Nvidia graphics partially because I saw it was certified for Ubuntu.
I tried using image ubuntu-10.04-dell_A00.iso from but this seems to be a netbook i686 edition of Ubuntu. Dell Italy does not support Ubuntu so they don't provide me an image.

I believe that either dell should provide a clear access to the "special image" or the certification should be removed as misleading from the website.

Ubuntu standard image does NOT even boot on first time.

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