when ubuntu is as easy to use as Windows I will install it

Asked by Setve Gentilly on 2010-10-07

I am a computer user, not a technician. I have no intentions in learning a new computer language or how to write programs. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 and then tried to install ATI drivers from AMD and unlike Windows I cannot just double click on the software (drivers) to install them, and it did not work. So I installed the ATI drivers that Ububtu suggested and my video card is so slow and I can't get the resolutions I would get in Windows, and the I tried to install Boinc. What a disaster.


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François Tissandier (baloo) said : #1

Which video card do you have ?
Also, be careful, you are trying a release candidate, not a final version. I know it's close to be released, but it's still not the best to way to begin with this system...

Then maybe it's not the reason of your problem. The ATI drivers are usually quite good, but there could still be problems. If the graphic drivers are not properly installed on Windows, you would have exactly the same problem.

And remember one thing: in Windows, you go to internet, download the softwares you find, and install them. In Ubuntu, unless you have a serious problem, you never do that. You install them from the Software center. That's just an habit to take. Of course, it won't solve your current problem, but it's important to know that I think. Boinc is in the Software Center I think, so I would not download it from the website.

You don't understand what I am saying. I have tried 10 to 15 times installing Ubuntu of different versions in the past. Every single installation has turned bad. Ubuntu only managed to last a few days to a week. Nothing is easy to install, nothing is as user friendly as Windows. I download software for Ubuntu double click on the icon and it tells you, "Don't know the language" or something like that. You get my drift.
I have already uninstalled this version 10.10 and we will see if next year if things will be more user friendly.

Until then,

François Tissandier (baloo) said : #3

You are probably unlucky with your hardware compatibility. I have installed dozens of Ubuntu on many different kinds of computers. I had problems with some of them, but most of the installation with the recent versions are really easy. Stability is also excellent, I never had a system lasting a few days only... Same for software installation, the software center is a much easier way to install softwares than to have to look online for something. If you download the software by yourself from internet, maybe you don't have the right version, so the "double click" habit of Windows is not the best idea.

But then, I don't deny it can happen. I can understand your frustration. A properly installed system is stable and very easy to use and maintain. But as you already uninstalled it, there is no way we can help you to have it properly installed. Try your chance again if you want next time, but a system installation is not always easy, no matter what system we are talking about.

You still don't understand because you don't have all the facts. A cheap system for me (just the box) is spending 650 to1500 dollars. I only buy the top of the line and high end components (only the best). It takes me 2 to 3 hours to install Windows, all the latest drivers for the hardware, and all the basic software needed to run this box properly. With Ubuntu even after 1 week it still doesn't work properly because I either I can't find the stuff or it just doesn't work. Windows remains the king of the hill for a very good reason, stuff just works.

François Tissandier (baloo) said : #5

I see what you mean. For high end stuffs, I agree with you, Windows will have better drivers. As Linux doesn't have a big market share for desktop computers, drivers provided by the manufacturers are clearly not as good as the Windows counterparts. For multimedia use, 7 will be better I think. It's probably possible to make it work fine with Ubuntu, but video performances won't be as good probably. So I guess 7 is indeed better for you. Ubuntu is a very interesting choice for the "average" machine: very quick to install, no need to look for drivers online, just 30 minutes and you are ready to go. Not your case apparently.

And remember, here is "Answers", we are answering questions :) You are posting a comment, that's better suited for the forums I guess, especially if you want to debate on this.

Well that confirms that Ubuntu is just not up to par with Windows.

Thank you, that is all I wanted to know.......
Best regards,

Did you come here to troll or to get an answer? If the latter is the case, then provide the necessary information about your hardware and you will get a solid answer. Otherwise, alividerchi to you.

Hey Artem, UP YOURS........

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OK, let's start (if you don't mind, I will specify terminal commands as it is _really_ faster and easier).
1. Make sure your system is up-to-date (sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get upgrade)
2. Write down the list of failed hardware and the steps you tried (better put it into the description).