Does Ubuntu 10.10 has required pulgin(s) to paly all kinds of songs & vedios?

Asked by Hasantha Sumudupriya on 2010-09-24

Uuntu 10.04 do not have required plugin(s) to play even a MP3 song. So, I had to download required plugin(s). I want to ask that, Does Ubuntu 10.10 has required pulgin(s) to play all kinds of songs and vedios? Please, include reuired plugin(s) to play all kinds of songs and vedios in Ubuntu 10.10. We use Ubuntu, We love Ubuntu until we die.

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François Tissandier
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sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras; sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer vlc

Should do it, If the medibuntu guys have a maverick repo now you should follow the medibuntu guide to add the repo and install w32codecs (or w64codecs if you use 64bit ubuntu)

I can not understand the answer well. Please, explain it !!!

Best François Tissandier (baloo) said : #3

When you will click on a video or audio file, it will offer you to install the codecs if they are not installed yet. So it's really easy, no need to look for them online.

I understand your point, but remember that Ubuntu is installed on a simple CD, it's hard to put everything on it :) And some people may use Ubuntu for work and not for music or videos. So the codecs are not all installed. They will be only if they are necessary, and it just requires a few clicks. So I think it's quite user friendly. You will be able to watch 99% of videos this way I think. Some very specific codecs will require to add new software repositories, but honestly, I wouldn't even bother to do that until there is a real problem with a video. Until then, just let Ubuntu install the missing plugin, and open a new question here if you find a video you cannot read.

Can't the producers of Ubuntu 10.10 to put Ubuntu on a DVD with all codecs as a special version for songs and videos lovers?

François Tissandier (baloo) said : #5

For legal reasons mainly I think. Some codecs are more or less legal according to the country. Software patents are a real pain in the a.. And everybody has a fast internet access now, so it's really easy to instal them

BoogieMAN2K (valejandria) said : #6

You can go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for restricted, then install ubuntu restricted extras, thenyou will have support for MP3, flash, mpeg and other types codecs

Thanks François Tissandier, that solved my question.