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Asked by Brad Philips on 2010-09-19

This isn't really a question; more of a personal opinion and didn't really know where to post it. The close, minimize and maximize icons found in 10.10 maverick are in my opinion kind of gaudy and overstated. I liked the old style better, but even better is a theme I'm using now which is Equinox Radient theme. It's just tight enough to stay out of he way, but clear enough to look classy and a part of the window. With the icons in maverick, they seem too large and cartoony. This is just my opinion and I know the UI freeze already happened but something to work on in the future.

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Use a different theme. You can also install emerald (unmaintained but does work) and you can use a whole host of different window decorators (which is wht that top bar is called)

Brad Philips (bradphilips) said : #2

I understand I can alway swap it out with a new theme. I have done this in 10.04 with the Equinox theme I mentioned. I was just giving some constructive feedback as the base install is the first impression a user gets. If I was a first time user I might think that this doesn't give the right impression considering the attempt is to market Ubuntu as a competitor to OS/X. Thanks!

Mark Shuttleworth just likes the OS gloss. Ubuntu isn't a competitor to anything. An OS is a tool for a job, If a system is destined for a job and Windows does the job better than Linux can, then installing Linux is the wrong choice. This is the same with Mac also. Users need to realize this.

Brad Philips (bradphilips) said : #4

Alright. Just offering feedback.