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People only seem to read half the solution then moan when they don't get the result expected. They then re-read after I point out they need to read and then MAGICALLY things work. Why don't people read!!? Its completely baffling. They then site newness to the OS when in-fat it is nothing to do with being new as the help I give caters for the newest user yet they still bleat the same "Sorry I'm new to Linux". Its pretty pathetic.

Also why do users not do research around subjects. I give a direction they can research in then they immediately reply with "Can you explain" rather than hitting the many search engines out there (Yes there is more than google) and they can find out exactly what they need to do with me having given a lot of direction?? I believe this is why "Bug 1" (although not a bug) exists, people are just lazy is all I can say but why do people not try and fix things themselves even a little, they expect hand holding and spoonfeeding 100% of the way.

Can someone please explain the mentality of some users, I am completely lost as to why this is happening, ad happening a LOT.

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Best Mario Tomljenović (tomljenovicmario) said :

Windows OS makes people dumb.

Windows users are used that everything works fine on their computer, and when something goes wrong, when they pick up a virus or trojan horse, they just reinstall the whole system, and everything is normal again.

They aren´t used to spend couple of days just to make graphics card, or wireless work. Terminal is kind of science fiction for them. They get a headache if you tell them to open the Terminal, and give you the output of lsusb, or lspci. They consider it is too much time to spend 2 days to make something work, but don´t realize that they spend three times more fighting with spyware on Windows.

GNU/Linux is not for everybody.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

But its not that but kinda is. They simply fail to read.

This is a clasic example:

Complete fail.

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Allan Shand (ashand79) said :

I think Ubuntu has reached an event horizon. People that are finding and trying it out are not that interested in jumping through hoops even though in actuality its just opening a gateway to a better understanding of their computer and what it is really capable of. A lot of the user's that Ubuntu users want to get from windows have had nothing but Microsoft products to use for a long time where everything is spoon fed as you say to them. On the bright side there does seem to be a realisation among many people that they are missing out on something that is on the edge of exploding and the momentum is increasing. However there should be more emphasis on the code of conduct as I have seen the results of being kind and thoughtful to those "upstream" & "downstream". That is probably the last time I will use those words as they are complete jargon which was used to explain something about a bug I had. Any hoo what I wan't to say is what makes Ubuntu Ubuntu over and above any bit of eye candy or cool twitter program is the Code of Conduct which I haven't heard mentioned alot since starting to use ubuntu forums & launchpad which is worrying for me at least.

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GREG T. (ubuntuer) said :

 this is so true ACTIONPARSNIP , it makes people that are trying to help others, that the helpers shy away from helping . the problem with this is that the people that need to read this WON`T .

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

its just infuriating, as you can see from my reply in the link above. This is a serious holder backer in ubuntu and its not the OSes fault. I just wanted this documenting.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Thanks Mario Tomljenović, that solved my question.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

I think (i always try to do it), we must give to the users clear and detailed step by step dumb instructions, sometimes i think will be good to watch a video, because sometimes they are stopping to read because they don't have the needed background to understand what are doing...

Unix/Linux terminal commands and parameters are not so simple to casual users.

This was and perhaps "is" the main issue with Linux.

Ubuntu is a good step to made linux "uman", but we have to work on audio and wireless area to made it really more easy to install in all parts.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

The subject of 'not_reading' goes much deeper than CoC or 'issue_with_linux_with_terminal'.
It's not only about an essential skill, it's also about interest conflicts and inconsistancy.
How come I can read chat lines and sms but not a simple command (in this case presented on a silver-plate), which helps getting the system back to run?

And yes, *some people don't read* when they should concentrate in their very own interest, instead of beeing distracted or unfocused.
Not to mention the unpolitness, ignorance, disrespect (whatever you call it) of free and time contribution in relation with deappreciation of learning something about which obviously made them curious in the first place.

However, giving up on them isn't a solution, that is where CoC and other skills bring in the counterweight, although beeing human isn't a one_way_road, neither isn't Ubuntu or any other distro.
About users and contributors.

Finally I'd like to take the chance to thank Andrew and Marco for their multiple efforts and sharing their knowledge.