Probelem with MATLAB R2010a installation

Asked by Gabriel Santiago on 2010-08-16

Hey guys,

I am trying to install MATLAB R2010a (64 bits) on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and I am using the following tutorial:

Everything works fine, untill I reach the following command:

sudo chown -R ${USER}:${USER} ~/.matlab

I get this error message:

chown: cannot access '/home/XXXX/.matlab': No such file or directory

Can anyone, ***please*** help me? What is going on? What can I do?
I am very new on Ubuntu and I really need to install this thing as soon as possible!

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Rory Yorke (ryorke) said : #1

I think you only need to run that command if you *did* start Matlab at the end of the installation, i.e., if you ignored the warning just above the problem instruction.

Ignore the 'sudo chmod' step and run matlab as your normal user, and you should be fine.

I tried that, but now, I don't know how to run Matlab! I tried to get an icon and a launch file but didn't work! :(

Rory Yorke (ryorke) said : #3

I have Matlab 2009a in /opt/matlab . I launch it with the command

  /bin/bash /opt/matlab/bin/matlab -desktop

If you installed Matlab in /usr/local/matlabR2010a/ as recommend on
the Wiki, try running

  /bin/bash /usr/local/matlabR2010a/bin/matlab -desktop

If that doesn't work, you can maybe run

  find /usr/local -wholename "*bin/matlab"


  find / -wholename "*bin/matlab"

(this last one will take a while) to find where the Matlab launcher is

The "/bin/bash" is necessary only because, in at least in R2009a, the
matlab launcher has bashisms (just forget about this if it works).

It WORKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
I tried to use the launch icon (this time I succeed in the rest of the tutorial), but when I click on the icon it shows the following message:
Could not launch 'MATLAB R2010a'
Failed to execute child proces "matlab" (no such directory)
Any idea of what is going on? (I am asking this because I probably won't remember all that code you posted here!)

Rory Yorke (ryorke) said : #5

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10. To create a launcher, I did the following:

 - Right-click on the panel (the bar at the top of the screen)

 - choose 'Add to panel'

 - choose 'Custom application launcher' (select that and click 'Add')

 - set name to 'matlab' or whatever your want

 - set command to whatever worked for you ("/bin/bash <something>" -
   and don't include the ")

 - optionally set the icon by clicking on the "trampoline" picture; my
   Matlab icon is /opt/matlab/X11/icons/matlab64c_icon.xpm, but
   remember you probably use /usr/local instead of /opt

 - optionally set a comment (think it'll be the tooltip for the

That's it. You can use the same instructions by right-clicking on the
desktop and choosing "Create launcher".

Happy Matlabing.

***Thank you a lot, dude!!!***

You are really something on this Ubuntu thing! You did help me a LOT!

Have a nice day!

[]'s from Brazil!