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Asked by connie8890

How do I install this w/out a prior OS? None of my Windows OS disks work anymore.

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connie8890 (rufus-iclub) said :

I am trying to install Ubuntu 7.4 on a clean HD w/out an OS on it. How do I do this? Or can I even do this at all?

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B rabbit (justin--prince) said :

i don't think you can install ubuntu on a clean hard disk...or maby you can i am not sure...
but you can install ubuntu on top of windows xp... vista and etc...
there are two options for doing this...either you want to use virtual box to run it or you can dual boot
for more info see:-
Dual boot:
Virtual box:

if these does't help you the try search using googl :)

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XioNoX (xionox) said :

you ca :)
just use the ubuntu desktop CD (live CD) or the alternate CD (if you have less than 256mb of memory)
boot on the CD and launch it.
in the desktop you will see an install icon, just clic on it and follow the guide

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connie8890 (rufus-iclub) said :

I only have on CD that came in the mail today, think it is the live CD. How do I get the alternate CD? Don't have 256RAM. Right now when I put the CD in & it starts, it has several options, tried the memory test but it didn't finish running. I did option 1, to install & it starts loading but never goes all the way. The CD just runs & runs but it never finishes loading the product.

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Sam Cater (wraund-deactivatedaccount) said :

when the live CD loads up, it is a temp OS, it then allows you to install ubuntu onto any HDD.

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connie8890 (rufus-iclub) said :

It starts loading up different modules & things, then after a while the cd is running strangely & won't open & I have to shut off the computer. As of right now, there is no OS of any kind on the HD. I think what I have is the live cd that has to be used w/an OS, but not sure. How do I get it to work? What do I need to do?

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Jo-Erlend Schinstad (joerlend.schinstad) said :

You need to download the alternate cd. It's available for download from here: Make sure you check the box directly underneith "Start download", where it sais: "Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer."
When you've downloaded it, you need to burn the image to a cd, not the file. That is, when the cd is written, the iso file should not be found on the cd-rom.

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connie8890 (rufus-iclub) said :

Is there any way to have the alternate cd mailed to me since I can not download it? Don't have a cd burner. Where would I be able to order it?

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Jo-Erlend Schinstad (joerlend.schinstad) said :

No, I don't think the alternate cd is not available from the free shipping service, but you can purchase the DVD from Amazon. It contains both live and text-based installer, ubuntu server, and lots of software. You can find it here:

Or you might want to contact your LoCo (Local Community) and see if anyone lives nearby. Perhaps someone could write it for you ;) You can find a list of LoCos here:

Hope that helps.

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Bob Marshall (mbob71) said :

Hi - if you're really stuck and live in the UK I can burn you an Alternate .iso on to a CD.

I'm very new here so I'm not sure if you can send PMs to other members.

Let me know if I can help and I'll do what I can.


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