I can't install ubuntu 7.04

Asked by Rabin on 2007-08-20

I got the CD for ubuntu 7.04 for pc by requesting online. the web site says that it will take 25 mint's to install. but when I'm installing it on my pc it is not completing in 1 and half hour. I'm using Intel Pentium III 554 Mhg Processor with 40 Gb hadr Disk and 128 MB of RAM. I'm using Windows XP on it. but can't install Ubuntu.

I tryed to install Ubuntu in a full blank fat32 file system formatted disk and also with windows xp. but it fails both. Please help me that I can install it.

Thanking You
Rabin (India)

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HJMills (hjmills) said : #1

Hi Rabin,

You will need to create a new partition for Ubuntu to install in which you can do during the Ubuntu install process. This partition should be formatted to ext3 normally which is the Ubuntu default. You will also need a second, much smaller partition for swap which is a dedicated partition for Ubuntu to use as virtual memory. I recommend you set this to be about 256MB in size (double the size of your RAM).

If you intend to use Ubuntu as the only operating system on that computer then you can choose to let the installer automatically create a partition layout using the whole disk which will simplify the whole process but this will remove any operating system (such as Windows XP) you already have installed.

It may take slightly longer than 25 minutes to install as your computer does not have the fastest hardware. Once Ubuntu is installed however it should run fine (and much faster than XP).

Good Luck, I hope this helps.



Rabin (rabinbiswas) said : #2

thank you for your advice But how can I create a ext3 formatted disk? and I want only one operating system. only ubuntu or only xp. and I want my hard disk in 4 part 10 GB each. what should be the other partitions system and how to make it.
please reply

HJMills (hjmills) said : #3

Hi Rabin,

If you are using the normal install CD it should boot to the Ubuntu desktop from the CD then there are instructions (complete with pictures) here:

You may need to slightly alter your partition layout plans as you should have a swap partition which acts as virtual memory - this will improve your computers performance and the general rule is that it should be twice the size of your RAM so if you have 256MB RAM you need a 512MB swap partition.

To create new partitions you need to select the manually edit the partition table option at step 5 of the installer (this is slightly different to what that guide shows) which will bring up GParted so you can edit the partitions how you want. Select the hard drive you want to use (if you only have one drive it will be selected by default) and delete all the partitions that are currently on there. Be warned that if you continue you will lose ALL data on that drive. You can then create partitions as you choose. (Remember you cannot have more than four primary partitions so if you want to have more than four partitions you will need to create an extended partition with logical partitions inside.) You should format all these partitions to ext3 if you plan to use them with Ubuntu with the exception of the swap partition which should be formatted as swap.

At the next step of the installer you will be asked to choose a mount point for each partition. You will need to set one partition to be / which is where the Ubuntu system will be installed. If you want to seperate your data from your programs so you can reinstall Ubuntu without losing your data then you should create a seperate partition for /home. You do not need to mount the swap partition. Other partitions can be mounted depending on what you plan to use them for.

From here the installer should continue according to the guide I liked to above. Below there are some useful links on partitioning and how to lay out your drive for Ubuntu.

~ The Linux Documentation Projects page on partitioning : http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/
        This page has a lot of useful information on the different types of partition and on how swap works.
~ Psychocats page on recommended partition layouts : http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/partitioning
        This page is mostly for dual booting Ubuntu and Windows but it does have some good information and partition layouts for Ubuntu towards the end.

peter b (b1pete) said : #4


Just a question please Rabin, -is the CD the live or the alternate distribution?. In my opinion, given the PC config you have, the ALTERNATE ubuntu distro would give you better control in setting up the HD partitions. If I may, please be v careful with setting the partitions (minimum / and swap) for ubuntu - a small mistake and you can loose win. Hope this will shed additional light in your problem.

peter b

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