ON Old Version 8.04 Want to Upgrade to 10 utility missing

Asked by Kathryn on 2010-07-16

I am on version 8.04 and I want version 10. I have no way to burn a system CD or zipdrive to complete the install.

Do I need to upgrade to intermediary version? How do I make it do that if the system says I have no upgrades? Or is there a utility I can download to burn the Cd?


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Please tell you say you have no way to burn a cd and then you ask...
"Or is there a utility I can download to burn the Cd?"

Do you have a working cd burner... in your Ubuntu... or in a win pc

Raymond Trim (raytrim83) said : #2

As 8.04 is an LTS version you should be able to go to 10.04 LTS directly through the Update Manager. Check System> Administration> Software sources> Update Tab. Check what Release Upgrades states at bottom of window. If on Normal Release, change to Long Term Releases Only and then look at Update Manager to see if 10.04 is available. You may have to click Check , enter Password, for any updates before the Upgrade will show. The other option is to work up through the intermediate versions ie 8.10>9.04> etc but see how you get on with the above first before doing this.

ok for Raymond trim answer...

But be sure to have some rescue live cd i suggest a Ubuntu 10.04 md5sum verified cd to use as rescue disk if something goes wrong during the upgrade...

Before to start the upgrade from System→Administration→Update Manager be sure the live cd is working on your destination pc.


Raymond Trim (raytrim83) said : #4

Agree with Marco. I personally think it is best to use professionally made CD, such as a free one from Ship-It programme, buy one from The Linux Shop (£3.99) or if you ask me nicely I will send you a 10.04 disc (from Canonical) which I have spare. Remember an Operating System disc has to be 100% correct!

Kathryn (kathryn-in-seattle) said : #5

Thanks folks. I do not have the option on the Update Manager screen for Release Options. My original issue was with burning a system CD per the V 10 install instructions. That menu option is not on the current version of the OS. Sheesh, it might just be what Dell gave me and the fact that I did not use this computer for awhile.

Guess my best bet is to order it which I will do. Raymond I'm happy to ask nicely :-) but will go ahead and order and let you give your extra CD to someone who really really needs it.

Overjoyed to be using Ubuntu!!! I have ancient unix experience and am relearning......

peter b (b1pete) said : #6


I guess it is a little late - the ticket is marked as solved - but, maybe, the url below will offer a more expeditious upgrade path (that is over the network)


and follow instructions under

Upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS