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Asked by Asaad Trabolsi

im trying to install ubuntu on my netbook , i downloaded the netbook edition10.04 from ubuntu site
i mounted it to my usb and every thing went okay.
when i luanch "Install Ubuntu 10.04"
i cant find the "install side by side option!"

their is only: -Erase and use the entire disk (wich will erase my windows 7)
                   - specify partitions manually

when i choose specify partitions manually : i try to choose the partition D wich doesnt have the windows but when i click forward it says somthing about "select root file"
can u help please!


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Mario Tomljenović (tomljenovicmario) said :
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Asaad Trabolsi (as3ad1990) said :

@ Mario
i followed the link and it says:

1. If you have another operating system (e.g. Windows XP) and you want a dual boot system, select the first option: "Install them side by side, choosing between them at each startup."

Editor's Note: This option will ONLY appear if you have another operating system installed, such as Microsoft Windows. Remember that, after the installation, the Windows boot loader will be overwritten by the Ubuntu boot loader!

well i have other operating system (wondows 7 starter), nevertheless i dont see the "side bye side option"

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Mario Tomljenović (tomljenovicmario) said :

Forget about that, it is a mistake. Just manually edit partitions, as it is described on that link. You have to create a partition for ubuntu, in ext4 filesystem:

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GREG T. (ubuntuer) said :

it is already installed on the usb download and burn to a cd then try . dual boot =side by side

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Best inashdeen (inashdeen) said :

that's strange.
i encounter the " no side by side option" problem when i am using jaunty last time and that problem happens because my windows is corrupted. are you sure that your windows is still functional???
try to reinsert cd if problem persist.
as for the no root thingy.
you need to assign your hard disk for installation. to do this, you must first create a patition for ubuntu. right click on D,choose format if= it is empty, resize if you got file on it. next decide how many gb you wanna keep for ubuntu. deduct that value and type it on the volume space/ example, if your D is 25gb, u want 10gb for ubuntu, 25-10; write 15gb in the space.( this is done if u r reformatting).
then u wil find an empty unallocated space. format it i ext3 or ext4, assign it mounting to ( /) and click format.choose this partition and click next. i hope u understand what i am saying

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Asaad Trabolsi (as3ad1990) said :

Thanks inashdeen, that solved my question.