Two Hard Drives install Ubuntu

Asked by megamegh on 2007-08-17

My friend was thinking about getting ubuntu. He has 2 internal hdd's( one 300 gb with windows xp on it and one empty 40gb). He wants to resize the empty 40gb to create a partition for ubuntu and keep xp to dual boot. When he's done installing ubuntu on the 40gb hdd, will he be able to still choose which os he wants at boot up with grub or will it boot one hard drive automatically? Thank yOu!

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If the 40gb drive is empty, there is no real need to partition it. Just select that drive during step 4 of the install and chose the option to "use entire drive." That will install ubuntu to the 40gb drive and will leave the windows drive alone. Just make sure you choose the right drive or it's goodbye windows.

GRUB should be automatically installed and it should add an entry for windows too. However, with two drives things can get a bit more complicated and the GRUB installer doesn't always give you want you want. If that happens post back and we can work through it. It's usually not too much hassle.

Of course, you should back up anything important just in case.


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Thanks Jim Hutchinson, that solved my question.

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Glad I could help.

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I have the same problem. One hard drive of 300Gb (which has Windows Xp on it) and one of 40Gb (on which I recently installed Kubuntu). Everything was great with the installation until I got to the booting part.

What I tried to do:
1) I tried to boot the Linux HDD but it gave me Grub Error 18. (and after I repartitioned my HDD, just like the error suggested, I got Error 17).

2) I tried to manually from a Live CD but it didn't work or I wasn't able to put the CLI commands in the right order.
    My computer now is booting from hd0 which is the Xp HDD and I don't know how to change the configuration of the Grub.
    I would like to set up my 40Gb HDD with Linux as hd1.
    (I know it's in /boot/grub/menu.lst and I tried to changed it but it kept giving me the same error - cannot overwrite read only file).

3) I also tried to disable my Xp HDD from BIOS in order that my pc could boot from the only HDD active. - Didn't work.

If some one has any ideas I would really appreciate some help, but also I would like them to be as explicit as possible (step by step exactly for Linux n00bs :-L ).

Thank you for your time,