I am trying to install ubuntu in my computer from a cd, but in stage 5/8 it shows 'the root file is not cortect'. Please tell me what is the way to install ubuntu.

Asked by Asif Ahmed on 2010-07-01

I am trying to install ubuntu 10.04 on my computer for the first time from a CD. And after passing 4 steps, while it requires to set a partition to be installed in, I decided to set partition manually (not the whole hard drive). Cause I want to keep the current partition I am using in my current OS. As I don't want to loose any saved file of my computer except C drive. It shows a message 'please select the correct root file' or something this at stage 5/8. I am being stopped here.

Please tell me if it possible setting up ubuntu keeping the current partition unchanged. If yes then How?

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Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?
Did you check the CD for defects?

Tor Syversen (sol-moe) said : #2

you don't say what OS is in use, possible solution- use disk-management in present OS to narrow in used space on c:-drive, then let Ubuntu install in the free space, Vista & 7 runs along with Ubuntu in a dual-boot from bios.
only thing is; have large enough disk and plenty memory ( > 3 GB)
and only to be on the safe side - download a new ISO and burn a 2'nd CD..

T E Syversen
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(sorry for the language if spelling fails)

Tor Syversen (sol-moe) said : #3

missed the last line.
to leave the current as it is, put in a disk nr2, most main-boards support that.
Ubuntu from disk (D?) runs very easy along with windows

Do you have created any Ubuntu ext3 or ext4 partition partition can be mounted as / from Ubuntu... also please create the swap partition...?

Why you use this method to install...?

Please tell us something more about your actual hard-disk partitions (size) ... and other infos...

Asif Ahmed (halukavaluka) said : #5

Simply, I just want to know, 'is it possible installing ubuntu from a CD keeping my current hard disk partition unchanged?' I am using windows xp professional and my hard disk capacity is 80 GB and almost fully loaded. So, I want my files and folders unharmed.

Is it mandatory to format the drive when I install ubuntu? Help me please.

You can resize the partition if you have sufficient free space on the disk to make room. You should make sure your backups are recent enough in case of catastrophe. If your system can boot USB / SD cards then you could use one of those to install Ubuntu to then you won't even have to touch your internal system.

Asif Ahmed (halukavaluka) said : #7

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

kabeer (kabeerkb001) said : #8

i am trying to install ubuntu 12.04, in the middle of manually partitioning there have occur an error "Please set root file".
how can i fix this problem?
i am also using windows7 home premium.