uninstalling ubuntu 7.04

Asked by david provines

I am currently running Windows XP on E-Machine W3105 w/service pack 2, 82.33 GB usuable hard drive capascity woth approximately 90% open

I have downloaded ubuntu 7.04 and would like to install it. IF this installation prooves unsuitable, am I able to uninstall it and what would the proceedure be?

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Jim Hill
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Ryan Kavanagh (ryanakca) said :

Yes, you would be able to uninstall it, simply by erasing the partition you created for Ubuntu. You could also then attempt to resize your windows partition to take up the free space left behind by the Ubuntu partition.


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Ryan Kavanagh (ryanakca) said :

(sorry, never mentioned what to use to erase the partition)

To erase/resize the partition, boot from the live CD, and run the command 'gksu gparted'. Make sure to have backups, as usual.

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david provines (daveprovines) said :

I upgraded to 7.1"gutsy gibbon" on 12-4-07. Am considering a reinstall of Windows xp Home to clean things uo. Can I still use the same command to remove the partition since upgrading to 7.10? AND..since the ubuntu system is installed should I still have to boot from the original CD? At present I'm awaiting a CD for Gutsy Gibbon to arrive before I do another dual system.

Thank you........Dave.

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david provines (daveprovines) said :

In reply to email this AM. I have no problem YET. I just need to know if the command will work no matter which edition of Ubuntu I have installed.

On second thought....do I have to uninstall Ubuntu at all? Or can I just go ahead and do a reinstall on Windows?


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Best Jim Hill (gjthill) said :

If you're going to reinstall with a recovery disk, that will likely uninstall Ubuntu for you no matter what you want. Those things are meant to do that. Leaves tech support with a known state. Check the docs for yours; you might have the option to reinstall into the existing partition.

If your Windows install does a full wipe, you'll be restarting from scratch anyway, and you can reinstall feisty and re-upgrade to gutsy, or just wait for the gutsy disk. Either way works. If yours gives you the option to preserve, then all you'll need to do is restore the GRUB setup (either copying the boot sector to a file, and editing boot.ini, on your fresh windows install, or rewriting the drive's MBR).

Do you not have a CD burner? Why not just fetch the gutsy ISO with bittorrent? The feisty-gutsy upgrade is nearly that large anyway, so you've already done it once.

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david provines (daveprovines) said :

Have burner...will do. Problem solved. You answered my question fully. Thank you for the great and timely service.