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Asked by Tek Ang on 2010-05-04

I understand that many Linux systems (including Ubuntu) are now trying to make the system as user friendly as possible. I have been enjoying Ubuntu since Ubuntu 7.10.

One thing that I have noticed for myself and many dedicated Linux/Ubuntu users is that we are 'stuck' in our own ways.

What I mean is that regardless what the 'Standard' applications an Ubuntu release may include, I (and I am sure many of the users) would spend the first many hours, uninstalling all the 'new' applications and installing my (our) favourite applications. I don't see this as a bad thing, just that this shows that those 'favourite' applications carter to our own unique requirements/flavours (just like there are many different types of Linux derivatives).

What I would like to suggest is to provide options during initial installation/upgrade, i.e. after the standard questionaries (user name, installation location, etc), provide the users the options to choose whether to go with a standard applications (for new users) or alternatives/Advanced installation, where the users can choose what he/she would like to install (i.e. Pidgin or Empathy? OpenOffice or ? Do I want to install Evolution at all? (no I don't use Evolution at all).

I believe that by doing this, we are moving away from the 'status quo' applications that we do not have choice but to install it (sounds like Microsoft who install different applications regardless).


P.S. KUDOS to many improvements to 10.04. What i immediately noticed is Bluetooth headset. I used to have to manually run a script and change a couple of setups everytime I was going to use my Bluetooth headset. NOW, it is as easy as turn on the headset, change the device I would like to use for sound output. THANKS!!!

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path (patrick-harzheim) said : #1

A list of favorite packages could be useful to put up on ubuntu one?

Narendra D (narendra-diwate) said : #2

Though offering the option of installing or not installing a set of apps will be a good one, i see quite a few reasons that it may not be ideal.

For one we do not know what part of the those who install Ubuntu, install their own choice of apps and if they uninstall the default ones and whether its makes a business case to give that choice.
Also Ubuntu comes in flavors like Kubuntu rtc which each have their own requirements / dependencies. Moreover for any particular type of app, say audio player there are scores of players that one can chose from and giving an option for one to chose will require a lot of effort on the designers to resolve dependencies for all of them.

While Ubuntu is designed for people who may not necessarily be Linux savvy, it offers a judicious selection of good stable apps in all the main categories of apps that a regular user may need.

There are many linux distros out there that offer you complete control / choice of the install from the kernel to Destop Environments to what apps you want to use or how or what is the primary purpose of the system. Arch or Gentoo come to mind in this regard.

The best way i believe is for Ubuntu to keep it simple to install and use for a regular user and once he feels the need to change a app, he/she anyway has Software center to choose from

Tek Ang (tekang) said : #3

This is a good idea... this will ensure that the next time I fresh install a distribution, there is a 'checklist' that I can use in 'one' touch installation.

This idea goes along well as I have been using StartAid for a few years now to store my bookmarks.

Tek Ang,

As your title suggests, this is more of a suggestion then a technical question.

Might I suggest posting this to as a more appropriate venue.

Good luck,

Tek Ang (tekang) said : #5

Thanks everyone. I will try the wiki as suggested.