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Asked by Courtney on 2010-04-25

I have an HP tx2z. Realtech speakers there is no sound or sound card recognized. I have gone through the forums and tried every fix offered. I am using Karmic 9.10 I'm a bit at my wits end here. I have the sound all the way up on both the windows partition and Ubu. Does anyone have any ideas besides what's already been posted? I know it seems a bit repetitive but I wouldn't ask if I hadn't tried the other things first. Oh it was a clean install by the way.

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HX_unbanned (linards-liepins) said : #1

HX_unbanned suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #781: “Solucionar problemas de sonido en Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala”.

HX_unbanned (linards-liepins) said : #2

Clarify these two statements please:
1. "Realtech speakers there is no sound or sound card recognized."
2. "I have the sound all the way up on both the windows partition and Ubu."

So - you do HAVE or do NOT HAVE sound?

Secondly - have you tried filling bug report to PulseAudio by getting debugging log, as described here: ?

Courtney (nelsoncourtney50) said : #3

1-the sound card is not recgonized when I use Ubuntu
2-sound works on Windows partition not Ubuntu

I DO NOT have sound. If I cannot find an answer I will file a bug but until than I am looking.

HX_unbanned (linards-liepins) said : #4

I am sorry but your approach to finding a solution to problem is fully incorrect!

What end-users usually do not understand ( simply because they are not trained for that ) is that:
1. EVERY minute bug reporter ( potentially you ) spare to do the following steps - EXACTLY in this order -
1.1 Get all available debugging log, that is provided by built-in diagnostics and data gathering mechanisms in Application, in which you -Bug Reporter - experience a result you do not want or which clearly is faulty;
1.2 Use built-in SEARCH engine to find most closest issue ./ bug / problem other Bug Reporter have got
1.3 if no such bug report found, fill new Report / Ticket / Feedback ...

What is VERY Important is that:
1. If you do not perform these steps in random order, you result of problem solving can be gradually good ( Luck ) or bad ( Cause of lack of debugging log ).
2. Every additional minute YOU spare by performing or enhancing quality of Step 1.1 leads to more higher efficient result of Step 1.2.
3. This is Open Source world, not Proprietary world. You cannot ask something from somebody and do not do nothing. Why? You have not payed for this feature. Why? Because Proprietary world is limited to some little part of people, but Open Source - this all world and for you work ALL people.

I hope you got the message ;)

Hi Courtney,

Please send us the full terminal output from step 3 and step 4 from this procedure:

Kind regards,


Courtney (nelsoncourtney50) said : #6

Thank you Mark I have figured out the issue for myself but appreciate the feedback.

You are welcome. :-)

Glad to read that the issue is resolved.