I'm new at ubuntu, and I'm afraid my hardware is not supported. Can you answer some questions?

Asked by sagelanoj

I'm a windows XP user, and have heard about ubuntu in download sites. I want to learn somethings about the linux OS, since I've been hearing about the OS since I was in high school. I'm interested in it because of it's hyped (and I hope true) impregnability against viruses and spyware, maybe I'll need it someday to restore an OS of a friend, or just have some working knowledge about the OS in general. Following is a list of my hardware, and I would like to ask if this can be compatible with the OS.

2.27 gigahertz Intel Celeron
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board: P4VM800 1.00
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P1.10 06/24/2005

82.12 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
42.08 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

ST32140A [Hard drive] (2.11 GB) -- drive 1, s/n JBJ10280, rev 08.08.04, SMART Status: Healthy
WDC WD800BB-00JHC0 [Hard drive] (80.03 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WMAM9X445606, rev 05.01C05, SMART Status: Healthy 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory

VIA Bus Master IDE Controller
RADEON 9600 SERIES [Display adapter]
RADEON 9600 SERIES - Secondary [Display adapter]
ViewSonic VA712 [Monitor] (17.1"vis, s/n PPB062253879, May 2006)
Bus Adapters Multimedia
VIA SATA RAID Controller
VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller (4x)
VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller C-Media AC97 Audio Device
Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device
Communications Other Devices
Smart Link 56K Voice Modem

VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter
Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
Microsoft PS/2 Mouse
USB Root Hub (5x)

I've got an install CD of the written hardware above for WINDOWS XP. Can I use than cd to help identify the hardwares?

I'm planning to install the ubuntu OS in a different drive to play around with it. Since disk drives these days are cheap I think it would be a better option than partitioning the already half-filled harddrive I have in my computer. A 40GB hard drive is ok right? That's what I can afford for the moment.

I've also been hearing a lot about a live CD. What is a live cd? Is it the cd that I had me delivered to my home? If not, is there an option to make with the said delivered/mailed installation cd?

I'm not agaisnt learning ubuntu's CLI. If I'm right CLI is Command Line Prompt right? It's like the MS-DOS of linux right?

I'm also concerned about games compatibility. I basically have Warcraft III and Civilization IV. Will they work properly in my computer?

I have a lot of time to spare, and I intend to find out a lot about this OS, so thanks for replying and thanks for taking the time to help me. Chao!

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Dmitry Mityugov (dmitry-mityugov) said :


Your hardware looks ok, except the modem maybe. 40 GB is more than enough to start getting familiar with Ubuntu, in fact it can be installed to a partition as small as 3 GB (but as usual, the more, the better).

Not sure what CD you got in the mail, but live CD lets you load Ubuntu without installing it, so you can see if your hardware is compatible with Ubuntu before you even install it. Try to boot from the CD you have.

You are basically right about the command line prompt, except that it offers much more features than the DOS command prompt ;-)

I am not sure if you will be able to play these games in Ubuntu. On the other hand, I haven't play these games on Windows either, so someone else more familiar with them may give you better advice on how to use them in Ubuntu.

Good luck!

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sagelanoj (thejenai) said :

Thanks to the fast reply.

I can do without the modem since I use a DSL/LAN connection to connect to the internet, but I'm curious in you're meaning that my hardware looks ok. Do you mean I will encounter no problems regarding compatibility? About it being recognized by ubuntu without any problem? If so then that's really nice to know.

I ordered for the shipping of the ubuntu install cd just this day, and I just want to learn as much as possible about the OS until it comes. The "installation cd" I was mentioning at my previous post was the one that came with the computer I bought. Computers here come with an installation package cd, to help when installing windows. So what I was specifically asking was if this "windows-based" package cd can be used by ubuntu to help recognize my hardware? Sorry if the wording I used in my previous post was misunderstood.

I'm also curious about the CLI's additional features. Is it hard to learn? I'm familiar with the MS-DOS commands, and have an understanding of how to navigate on it. Will the CLI in ubuntu be the same? Or will it be more complicated? Is it like programming language? I hope not... ^^

Concerning about the live cd, is it like knoppix? I saw knoppix once in a download site, and saw it was linux based. Will ubuntu let me make a live cd from the cd I had delivered to me? Or do I have to download the live cd from somewhere?

Sorry for the abundance of questions. Basically I was waiting for answer for the hardware questions. But your reply made me think of other questions. So thanks to those who will reply to my questions and thanks for helping me understand linux/ubuntu in the process.

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Best Aanjhan Ranganathan (aanjhan) said :


To know whether you will have any major problems after installing Ubuntu, you can always try the Live CD. Running from the Live CD would be slow because of your RAM constraints. But it will anyway help you in resolving your doubt about Hardware support (Eg.Sound etc.)

Ubuntu Linux itself is a Operating system. It does not need any Windows-based package to detect/recognise hardware.

To know more about the CLI I suggest reading any basic Linux/Unix Command basics.

The CDs that Ubuntu ship are basically Live CDs with the option of directly installing Ubuntu on your Hard disk if needed. No need to seperately order for the Live CDs.

Hope that Helps.

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sagelanoj (thejenai) said :

Thanks for the fast replies. Really helped me a lot to erase my doubts about running the OS. Now I'm going to read some articles about the OS in the forums. Chao and Salamat!