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Asked by KGP

I have 2 150gb sata hd in raid 0 with xp
1 250gb sata whith Vista
1 250gb sata emty and I try to instal Ubuntu 7.04

On my raid disk I get Grub error 21
My vista Disk is OK

I must run fix mbr and I can use Xp

My start up is default xp

If I want Vista I must press F12 and I get choise wich disk to boot from.

I want to start Ubuntu the same way with bootmeny.

Tried desktop and anternate cd. It is the same.

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pitwalker (pitwalker) said :

Hi! i can't understand eveything. Prease give more info for us. More clear infos.
"RAID 0: Striped Set (2 disks minimum) without parity. Provides improved performance and additional storage but no fault tolerance from disk errors or disk failure."

-> I use RAID 0 when I'm MAD!

GRUB's officail manual

"21 : Selected disk does not exist
    This error is returned if the device part of a device- or full file name refers to a disk or BIOS device that is not present or not recognized by the BIOS in the system."

best regards: pitwalker

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KGP (kg-philip) said :

What I want is to install on 1 disk and choose in bios to boot this disk.
Now can I boot from bios my xp disk or my vista disk.
My xp disk is 2 x150 raid 0
My vista disk is 1x250
My empty disk is 1x250
I am new to Linux .

I dont know why my raid disk get error 21.

If I install on the emty disk my my raid disks mbr get currupt.
Can not start XP
Run fix mbr and xp is OK

I do not want dual boot.

Best regards KGP

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Best pitwalker (pitwalker) said :

The easiest method:

if you have more than a disk->you disable all disk you don't need ubuntu
(disconnect the data and power cables) :)

You "leave" in machine the only one empty disk for Ubuntu :-)

But a problem is: you must install a boot manager manually when you
plug back all data and power cables. ;-)

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KGP (kg-philip) said :

Thank You It is OK

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Pavan Kumar (pavan-timmaraju) said :

My system confiuration is
Ram -256 MB
C.P.U. speed- 2.88Ghz(D)
HDD Size-80 GB
I allocated 10GB for installing Ubuntu
 When i click maually partition table it get hanged

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muhammadakmalzia (muhammadakmalzia) said :

How to install ubantu 7.04
i hav some problsmes
i am newest to use linix
i con not know any commands