Failed the md5 check sum

Asked by OzzyZorda

I recieve this error when I try to install the base when running from disk:


failed the md5 check sum."

then it goes on to say that the file might be corrupted. BS. I have been through 4 CD's now trying to get a disk that will actually make it past the Ubuntu main setup page. I finally thought to clicky the little "alternate" checkbox that said something about text based install or something of that nature. It worked, finally, but now I am blocked by this message above. any suggestions???

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Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto) said :

1) Check the image you downloaded for defects:

Run the following command in a console:

md5sum cdimage.iso

where cdimage.iso is the image you have downloaded.

Compare the result with the official one in

In case you need MD5SUM for windows, you can try this one here:

2) If that is OK burn with a lower burn speed and/or media and/or burner software.

3) Finally, check your CD for defects after burning (its a boot menu option).

For more details check this out:

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OzzyZorda (ozzyzorda) said :

I know this will end up as a double post but I want to just say first that I followed the ".../BurnIsoHowTo" page. I even used the burning software juat because I wanted to follow everything to a T.

And so you know EXACTLY what I am trying to do, I am trying to have it so I can have Ubuntu and Windows XP Home on the same PC. I want it so that when I restart my PC I can chose either OS to start in. These are my generic System Specs:
Ubuntu will be on a completely different HDD as WinXP. As a matter of fact the HDD Ubuntu will be stored on is a portable HDD.

EXACTLY which install file am I supposed to download? After I download it, is there anything special I need to do from there besides partition a drive?

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pitwalker (pitwalker) said :

A good CD-Burner:

I advise to you the live installer: ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso (when you have an x86 based PC)

You must CLOSE the CD.
I advise to you to burn the iso to an rewriteble media (CD-RW)

I advise you to check the media validity by booting.
(The windows in most cases badly recognizes file names in Linux CDs.
Beacuse windos not supports links and funny filenames.
But fsum ( is a nice tool for windos to check md5 hashes.)

The graphical installer (ubiquity) can partitioning your hard drive.
Can resize partitions, but this is dangerous. (without uninterruptibble power supply)
You must back up all of your inpontant data before you start repartitioning!

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