Unable to print envelopes with HP Officejet 6500 from OOWriter

Asked by Jeffrey Ratcliffe on 2010-03-12

My trusty HP Officejet 5510 gave up the ghost after 5 years, so I replaced it with an HP Officejet 6500. Unfortunately, the new printer will not print envelopes (this was no problem with the old one). The envelope is pulled into the printer ready for printing, and then doesnot print but kicks the envelope out blank.

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Andrew Malcolmson (andmalc) said : #1

Make sure the envelopes are loaded face down with the flaps to the left and with the paper guide to the left (This would be no different than on your 5510). Try making a black copy: does the printer pull in and feed out the envelope? If not, disconnect both ends of the printer power cord, wait 1 minute, plug the printer back in and try again. If it still doesn't work and the printer is powered to a power bar, try plugging it to a wall socket instead. If that still doesn't work, contact HP phone support as there may be a mechanical issue.

If the envelope does feed OK, try printing your envelope from some other program such as AbiWord.

Although the picture on the feeder tray shows that the envelopes should be placed with the flaps on the left (exactly as on the 5510), on the 5510 (reliably) and the one time I got the 6500 to feed the envelope, the address was printed upside down, i.e. I had to place the envelopes with the flaps on the right to get it to print correctly.

Under Windows, the 5510 printed correctly with the envelope placed in the feeder with the flaps on the left. I don't have a Windows installation anymore to test the 6500.

Back to the problem in hand, the envelope is pulled in OK, but at the point when I think it will start printing, it stops and complains that it is out of paper. Pressing OK doesn't change things. Pressing cancel ejects the envelope correctly.

Pulling the power as suggested did not help.

Other sizes are fed and printed correctly

I assume this means I have a mechanical issue, and thus I will return it.

Llywellon E Mohr (frogmohr1) said : #3

I tried all these suggestions Nothing works. Help, now what can I do. Lew

I can't remember off the top of my head whether I replaced the printer, but the 6500 I have now prints envelopes. Whether the envelope is printed upside down or not still seems to be a lottery.

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