can't run ubuntu to on my CD ROM

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I don't know the newest version ubuntu can't run on my CD ROM.It is notice graphic problem.I don't know why.One of my friends used to run another version of ubuntu on my CD ROM.It did work.But I don't know now the newest version can't work.I didn't try install it.Can you tell me the reason why and how solve it
Thanks very much.

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Andrea Colangelo (warp10) said :

I suggest you provide more information about the hardware you are running and which release and flavour of Ubuntu you are trying to boot.
Have you downloaded an ubuntu iso image? In this case, did you check the md5sum and veryfied the burned CD-ROM? Sometimes lot of problem occurs because the iso image is not correct or cd burning hasn't gone well.

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I am using my laptop.My graphic card is ATI X1450 CPU is DUO CORE T2250

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Andrea Colangelo (warp10) said :

Please, tell us which kind of laptop are you using and which ubuntu relase you are trying to run.
Also, describe us what happens when you try to boot, and report here error massages if you get any,

Revision history for this message (foxandox) said :

It is veryfied is correct.It is reported when I loading it,it is reported X server failed.say windows XP something else.everything is ok.when I diagnose it,report graphic install in correct.I have installed windows xp in my latop.I want to try run ubuntu on my CD ROM without install in my hard disk.

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pitwalker (pitwalker) said :

You can trying with other distros: KNOPPIX / GENTOO LIVE / FEDORA LIVE...
You can get ERRORS from this distros or SUCCESS.
You can decise: the problem is common with the latest stable kernels and X servers,
or the problem is only exists in this Ubuntu package (7.04? LIVE CD or DVD?)
You can try with latest unstable: Gutsy Gibbon's live CD. (now wery buggy, this is natural: bug finding release)

Revision history for this message (foxandox) said :

Sorry.My english is I can't understand what you mean and how to do?
Did you mean try other version of ubuntu?I am using 7.04CD.and what's live CD?I don't know it.Can you tell me in other simple way?

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Mathias Uebelacker (muebelacker) said :

what i mean is try your ubuntu cd on a different computer. It is
possible that your CD is broken.

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Mathias Uebelacker (muebelacker) said :

Soooooorrryyyy, this answer was not for this Question so please ignore my answer.

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Best pitwalker (pitwalker) said :

Yes I can. But my english is bad as well.
I wanted to say: you should try other Linux distributions. For analyze where is the error:
In Ubuntu or the linux kernel.
"Live CD" is a CD that can boot and you need not install the Operating System.
You just boot from LIVE CD and you can use the new OS without install.

for example:

Ubuntu has more type of installation media (CD/DVD; live/alternate; CPU type; DESKTOP/SERVER edition)

I SUGGEST you to TRY (when you have an IBM compatible PC, IA32+IA64+AMD+AMD64):
 for testing graphics: Ubuntu 7.04, desktop edition, i386, live media (CD/DVD)
 for installing: Ubuntu 7.04, desktop edition, i386, ALTERNATE media (CD)
you can set more options, text install is more compatible, you can download other packages with 1-2 click
"Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer."

What is the name of the *.iso that you try?

Revision history for this message (foxandox) said :

Thanks for helping me.Yes,I using this version of ubuntu.I think it must be solve this problem.Because I tried to other version of ubuntu.It was work.I know how to do now.