how to save bookmarks and search history to a flash drive?

Asked by Dan Smith on 2010-02-16

How can I save, then restore bookmarks(at least), with search history(as a bonus) onto a flash drive? I have right now one plugged in to this 9.10 install and assume what's on there is due to sbackup, but can't remember. I can't understand how to even be sure they're on there(bookmarks is grayed out in one window, and unintelligible in another). I have a big problem with this old 10(?) gig HD jammed up with some unknown(to me) junk that's run me out of space. I don't want to spend any more time right now trying to fix this mess. I'm hoping to save them by themselves, reinstall w/ Live CD, and restore to it. I'll just reinstall any apps afterwards. Thanks be to anyone who can help.

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Dan Smith (sentol) said : #1

I forgot one thing: I tried to copy and paste from bookmarks to that fd already in there, but paste was grayed out.

Best peter b (b1pete) said : #3

open firefox --> bookmarks --> organize bookmarks ,,, --> open Import and Backup tab --> select backup --> select from opened window where to save. that's it.

for restore --> same as above but select restore.

Dan Smith (sentol) said : #4

I left out a lot of info. so as not to fill up this dialog box with three hours of screed on how much I don't know about linux or even computers period. So I decided to "simply" do what looked like the easiest of the suggestions and unmounted the flash drive already plugged in and replaced it with another that, on one of three lines in the left panel, claimed to be empty when the small arrow was clicked. I did as suggested by peter b. It seemed to work fine, so far, despite some now forgotten attempt to use that method once before for some reason. Then I remembered that I'd forgotten to add this launchpad page to bookmarks before I did that. O.K., the probably "simple" solution would be to trash the bookmarks I'd "saved", bookmark this page, then redo it, since I don't know what will happen if I try to just "add" the revised bookmarks. To my by now weary astonishment, that doesn't work. To save my life I can't get rid of it by repeatedly sending to trash, emptying trash or deleting trash. So I tried to format it with the "gnome format" utility I'd found somewhere, but that didn't work since the "format" option was grayed out. The question now is the one I'd decided not to ask before just doing what was suggested: is there any reason I could not, or should not, just add to that entry, because I'm now wondering what's going to happen when I try to restore?

Dan Smith (sentol) said : #5

Never mind. I finally got it. Thanks to both of you. Dan.

Dan Smith (sentol) said : #6

Thanks peter b, that solved my question.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #7

just in case and since bookmarks are personal essentials, you may in addition consider to backup on webspace.