Firefox starts in offline mode, how to start FF in online mode

Created by marcobra (Marco Braida) on on 2008-05-04
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marcobra (Marco Braida) on on 2008-05-04


Hi I am using Firefox 3 beta 5 and It is always in off line mode when i start it.
I have to manually switch it to on line mode from the file menu Please help??
I am using Ubuntu 8.04.


Please open Firefox and type into address bar about:config
if is the first time you are using about:config on Firefox, a warning window come in front of you, please confirm the "promise".

Then search ( type the parameter name into the "filter row" field ) for the Firefox config param named:

double click on the filtered row and set it to true

Quit and restart Firefox

There is also a knowed bug about this issue.

Hope this helps