How do I report a bug when i try to report a bug i get an help page and not the bug report page

Created by marcobra (Marco Braida) on on 2009-10-08
how to report bug
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Brian Murray on on 2009-10-30

For example i want to report a bug about the kernel. I get directed to the "how to report a bug page", from which I click through to launchpad and try to find my package (although I only seem to be able to find linux-meta rather than the linux-image package I want to report against). But when I click on the "report a bug" button below the package name I find myself back at the "how to report a bug" page. The only other alternative offered is to use apport, but this (a malfunctioning wifi driver in this case) is a kernel issue and not an application issue.

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Although your issue is a kernel one it is still possible to use ubuntu-bug with it. For example in your case you would want to use:

'ubuntu-bug linux'.