How do i install Eclipse galileo 3.5 IDE ?

Created by Hemanth on on 2009-10-01
Eclipse IDE
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Hemanth on on 2009-10-01

Eclipse is not mere an IDE, it's smart!
Open source community and non-profit organization.
"Borland, IBM, MERANT, QNX Software Systems, Rational Software, Red Hat, SuSE, TogetherSoft and Webgain formed the initial Board of Stewards in November 2001".

As the moon eclipses the sun, your mind would be eclipsed by Eclipse such that you fall in <3 with this smart peace of technology, it has a lavish support on different coding languages and many plug-ins to meet your needs.

All in all it a must try and one of the famous IDE, all most all the coder are aware of.

$ sudo apt-get install eclipse will install Eclipse 3.2!
But the latest version is 3.5, here i explain easy steps to install.

$ sudo su
$ cd /opt
$ wget
$ tar xzvf eclipse-java-galileo-linux-gtk*.tar.gz
$ mv eclipse eclipse3.5
$ cd /bin ; sudo nano eclipse

Add the below and save

`~/bin/packages/eclipse3.5/eclipse -vmargs -Xms128M -Xmx512M -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M &> /dev/null` &

The PermSize is from 128MB to 512MB , may be changed as per your RAM.

$ chmod u+x ~/bin/eclipse

You can then create an customized application launcher with the normal procedure.

For the easy of it, i have attached a file which gives you the steps to just run it from your terminal.

Steps in a single file :