ATI Video card binary driver installation

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ATI Video Card install binary driver
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I have a problem installing the driver for my ATI video card and enabling 3D acceleration. We said me it is possible by using fglrx driver.


There are two ways to do that. One with the restricted driver manager, and one with the Add/Delete program.
 1st one : In the System menu, Administration part, you should find the "restricted driver manager" which should list your video card. You just have to check the box in the list to activate the driver, and it's finished !
 2nd one : In "Add/Delete" program (which is at the bottom of the Applications menu) you type in the "search" field "ATI driver" and after a few seconds it should display a list with "ATI binary driver". You check the box near to it, click on "apply" wait during install and then push on OK.

After a reboot, it should work !!

If you need a tool to control the driver in a fine way, I advise you to go in System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and then Search the "fglrx-control" package, right click on it in the list, select "select for install", apply, confirm and exit. In one of the system menus, you should see after that a tool to tune your driver preferences, if you need to do it.