How do I install Flash for Ubuntu 64-bit ?

Created by Fabián Rodríguez on on 2010-10-07
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Fabián Rodríguez on on 2010-10-08

This has been tested in Ubuntu 10.10.

IMPORTANT: The current 64-bit Flash plugin has no commitment from Adobe to fix security issues and the plugin has already been pulled once, leaving 64-bit users exposed to security vulnerabilities. It is a "Preview" release. The recommended method for installing Flash support on production system is to install "Adobe Flash plugin" from the Ubuntu Software Center (or another package manager) which will install a 32-bit version using a wrapper.

To manually install the Preview Flash 10 plugin from Adobe:
1. Go to the Flash Player 10 page at Adobe Labs Downloads, carefully read their instructions and Terms of Use:
2. Scroll down to the end of that page to download the archive identified as 64-bit plugin for Linux. This should propose to save a file similar to, save it and remember its location.
3. Assuming you saved the file in the Desktop directory under your Home Folder, open a terminal window (from Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and issue the following commands:

$ cd Desktop
$ tar -xzvf

4. You should get output similar to:

5. Move the file to the approriate directory:
To install for a single user (current):
mv ~/.mozilla/plugins
To install system-wide (for all users):
sudo mv /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins

6. Restart Firefox

7. Go to to test the installed Flash plugin.

It is also recommended to install the xul-ext-flashblock extension to control Flash content.

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