Anti virus program needed for Ubuntu?

Created by Gord Allott on on 2008-06-04
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Nick Ellery on on 2008-06-10

I've always used DOS and later Windows. I'm not satisfied about Windows. That's the reason for me to try something else.
I am not familiar with Ubuntu, because I am new. I'm interested and deeply impressed for what I've seen until now.

I used and noticed that a firewall was already active (all stealth!)
An anti virus program is also necessary.
Can you help me to select and install this.

No, Linux and Ubuntu are not really susceptible to viruses because of the fact that virus makers do not target Ubuntu and that Ubuntu has a more secure system by its very nature. Most people never install any kind of anti-virus software or firewall.

If you insist on installing some kind of anti-virus software, most people go for "clam av" which can be installed via the usual methods of installing software.
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