Ubuntu Perú Wiki hosting

Asked by Dante Díaz on 2006-12-14

UbuntPerú (ubuntu-pe) needs a wiki hosting;
 the domain would be


Basics requirements :

* MySql
* Moin Moin wiki (Somebody knows where I can obtain a Ubuntu theme for Moin Moin ?)


Greetings from Perú ;)

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Dante Díaz
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Hi, read this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting?highlight=How%20to%20get%20hosting%20space
Especially How to get hosting space (highlighted)


Dante Díaz (dante) said : #2

Hi Lazlo

We already have hosting, this topic is for add wiki for the ubuntu-pe web

Matthew Nuzum (newz) said : #3

Hi Dante, I'll set you up and let you know when its ready. MoinMoin doesn't need mysql and your ubuntu-pe.org website should have a MySQL database already. Are you asking for an additional database?

Dante Díaz (dante) said : #4


if MoinMoin does not need a other additional database ... is not necessary another database ;)

thanks to accept the request ;)

Matthew Nuzum (newz) said : #5

Dante, I've set up the site and am sending you the login details via e-mail. Once you have your site set up (edit wikiconf.py as needed), customized and fully working, let me know and I'll switch your wiki over to mod_python to improve speed.

Matthew Nuzum (newz) said : #6

details via e-mail

Dante Díaz (dante) said : #7

Hi Matt

One week ago, you send me an encrypted messange with the dates acces to my
wiki hosting, but i can't decrypt this message because i don't have your public key.

You can send me again the mail encrypted with your Open PGP key:
6CCFADBC from keyserver of Ubuntu ??

I don't have another form to read it


Matthew Nuzum (newz) said : #8

Dante, sorry for the delay... the only way I know how to get the information to you is to encrypt it with GPG. If I encrypt it with my key you won't be able to read it.

Do you have a GPG key that you can use? The key I have for you is:
pub 1024D/57715324 2006-08-24
uid Dante Díaz (email key) ...
sub 2048g/60E2ED58 2006-08-24

If that's not right, can you add a valid key to launchpad? msg me on freenode if you want to discuss this in realtime. I'm newz2000

Dante Díaz (dante) said : #9

Hmmm no

pub 1024D/9D2CBD17 2006-11-29
uid Dante Diaz (Dante)...
sub 2048g/105DC835 2006-11-29

the other key use in another computer, non available now.

can you send me the mail again?

thanks ;)

Best Dante Díaz (dante) said : #10

I could enter the page of wiki and config the necessary.
Now we have a problem.
All this week we have been using MoinMoin wiki... but for the Peruvian community of Ubuntu, the use of MoinMoin is not very pleasant.
I am somewhat ashamed for that reason, but the Ubuntu-PE Web is for the use of the community and supported for the community.
I request to you, eliminate MoinMoin of the FTP corresponding to wiki.ubuntu-pe.org .
The desición of the community is: we will use MediaWiki.
Now, we needed a MySQL data base
I waiting for your answer
I apologize for this problem.