What happened to the CPU Speed Control in power options? When pluged in when on batterys, etc...

Asked by Bruce Hobson on 2008-11-19

What happened to the CPU Speed Control in Power Management options? (When plugged-in when on batteries, etc...)

I liked that feature a lot and miss it.

Bruce :-(

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Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #1

I just finished install Ubuntu 8.04 on my iMac G3 400 Mhz. And when I went to use ubuntu-tweak I shaw the option for the CPU...

So, it appears that only with Ubuntu 8.10 is that option gone / not available.


Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #2

So, to sum up.

The disappearance is only when using Ubuntu 8.10 or Ubuntu Studio 8.10 with ubuntu-tweak versions 0.4.2 & 0.4.3

Adding Power Management options to have CPU speed control under different conditions (performance/battery saving, etc) no longer appear in ubuntu-tweak under System/Power Management/Advance Power Management Settings

Help, each time I reboot I have to set my Desktop CPU speed to performance. And each time I reboot my Laptop I have to reset it to PowerSave. I can no longer just ignore these system settings. Like I use to.

I had to use: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets just to be able to change these System Values. Man I miss ubuntu-tweaks fixing/controlling this up for me.


Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #3

They way I set the CPU speed at present is using sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets then installing the panel applet for cpu speed. Then clicking the applet after each boot.

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #4

You you need more information or do you understand want I'm asking?

Bruce :-)

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #5

Can you answer my question:

1) Live with it!
2) Go away and quit asking dumb questions.
3) We didn't know that. We will look into it!
4) We are working on it. Just be patient.
5) Anybody else having this problem?
6) Anybody else want this fixed?
7) I'm taking a vacation, I will deal with it later...
I'm sure we could all add a few more...

Bruce ;-)

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #6

Anybody their?

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #7

Another day another ... nothing!

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #8

One more day another ... nothing!

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #9

The answer is their is no answer.

Ahmad Amr (aamr) said : #10

Nooooooooo, I have the same problem on Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit and I need it fixed really please! Thanks!

67GTA (67gta) said : #11

I am curious as to why this has disappeared also. Ubuntu Tweak 4.3/Intrepid.

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #12

Maybe if we keep this open long enough we will get an answer...

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #13

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #14

I still would like an answer!

Bruce Hobson (bruce-hobson) said : #15

How about an Xmas gift where you say something even if it's to say go away!

67GTA (67gta) said : #16

I created a bug report, and got an explanation. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+bug/305859

Ahmad Amr (aamr) said : #17

Me too!

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Mario Capurso (m-capurso) said : #18

It happens with 10.04 lucid lynx. I have installed the processor speed applet and sometimes at boot it disappears from the upper bar. The applet is there, because if I select it, the left and right menu fire, but the applet icon is gone. If you remove it and add it again , you have it again for some time, till to the next random time it disappears.

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