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Ubuntu Tweak is an application designed to configure Ubuntu easier for everyone.

It provides many useful desktop and system options so as to configure them via a graphic interface which is not provided in the desktop environment.

At present, It is only designed for Ubuntu GNOME Desktop, and often follows the newest Ubuntu distribution.


Ubuntu Tweak is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. More information can see at the the package’s LICENSE.

Features of Ubuntu Tweak:

    * View of Basic System Information(Distribution, Kernel, CPU, Memory, etc.)
    * GNOME Session Control
    * Auto Start Program Control
    * Quick install common used applications
    * A lot of third-party sources to keep application up-to-date
    * Clean unneeded packages or cache to free the disk space
    * Show/Hide and Change Splash screen
    * Show/Hide desktop icons or Mounted Volumes
    * Show/Hide/Rename Computer, Home, Trash icon or Network icon
    * Tweak Metacity Window Manager’s Style and Behavior
    * Compiz Fusion settings, Screen Edge Settings, Window Effects Settings, Menu Effect Settings
    * Set the Shortcuts to let qucikly access your favourite applications
    * GNOME Panel Settings
    * Nautilus Settings
    * Advanced Power Management Settings
    * System Security Settings

You can always see some application' screenshots for here: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/screenshots

1- How to Get Ubuntu Tweak' latest release?

There are many ways to get Ubuntu Tweak , you can pick a method to get it :

a- First method:

    - You can always download Ubuntu Tweak from launchpad , it is the main source of Ubuntu Tweak , it contains all the version of all computer architectures, just visit: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tweak ; and you'll find many green buttons on your right , click on the compatible version with your computer.

2- How to Install Ubuntu Tweak?

3- How to see Basic System Information?

4- How to Clean unneeded packages and configuration files ?

5- How to add new Third-Party sources ?

6- How to configure Gnome Session ?

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