Request to become administrator of Latvian Translation team

Asked by Pēteris Krišjānis on 2009-12-10

I want to become owner of Latvian Translators team ( I have been very active translator in GNOME, projects directly and lot of more apps indirectly using Launchpad. For now, I am leading upstream translation efforts for Latvian translations. I am leader of GNOME Latvian translation team and managing commits to GNOME git repository. I wanted to contact Launchpad's Latvian Translators team on several questions I have mentioned in next paragraph. I couldn't reach him nor trough email (sent from gmail), nor Launchpad message system. Seems like he has been inactive for very long time and his email isn't responding.

I wanted to clean up members list of Latvian translators in Launchpad, because in last several years they have been added indiscriminately, including unexperienced users, resulting in lot of buggy and outright wrong translations. Also I would like to change translation permissions so only trusted translators could do real thing, leaving others a possibility to suggest translations or report bugs if there are problems with spelling or phrases.

About myself - for now I'm studying CS in University of Latvia, which also is a main knowledge center of Ubuntu and Linux in general in Latvia. As a part of the Latvia Ubuntu LoCo, I am involved in translation, testing, migration and other activities. I also do a lot of presentations about Ubuntu for schools and NGOs. I have been involved in GNOME translation since 2000.

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Pēteris Krišjānis
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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #1

I am sorry to hear this news.

First, I would like to thank you for raising this problem and for all your support in the Latvian translations.

It looks like the last team member was approved on 2009-08-19 ... and team is really big.

How do I see a resolution:

We will send a new mail to team owner/contact and let him know about our intention and ask him/her to add you as an admin.
If after one week we will not get any reply we will ask Launchpad Admins to change your membership.

I will wait for ideas from other members of Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team.

Pēteris, is this OK or we things are burning and we need to speed up the process?

Kindest regards,

Just for reference : the link to Gnome Latvian team

PS :)

Maybe you would like also to take care of Launchpad Latvian Translation group. We would like to see this group used for all non-ubuntu projects using Launchpad Translations.

Here you can find some info about staring a team for Latvian

Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #2

Hi Pēteris,

First thanks for your raising such problem to help Ubuntu get better!
I agree with Adi's solution. A clean up can really help a lot on quality (maybe your consideration meets what zh_CN team has done just now).
After checking the team member list, I found there are three administrators including the owner himself, and I suggest you to contact somebody of them before we have got in touch with the owner. Maybe Raivis Dejus ( is the best choice, he is a GNOME upstream committer as well as a team administrator on Launchpad. This will help you speed up the clean up process so that the right granting won't waste you too much time on waiting and doing nothing.
If the original owner is busy or in other reason to be not active, it is a good choice to ask him transfer the role to someone have the time and interest to do it, thus will benefit the team and users a lot. If he is not contactable, a Launchpad administrator can help do it, but we need to do it with special cautious.
As for a Launchpad Latvian Translators team, it is a good choice to start it anyway.

To UTCs:

We may need to define a policy on right transfer in such situation. Although it won't be a complex one, a specific policy can help teams resolve such problem without hesitation and time wasting, a good team organization is critical as Launchpad define a Team is the basic role in working and further cooperation. I will present it on wiki soon, comments welcomed.

Aron Xu

David Planella (dpm) said : #3

Hi Pēteris and all,

Given the current situation with the team and Pēteris background on translations (Ubuntu Latvian translation team member, GNOME Latvian translation team lead, experience with other upstream projects, good translation karma on Launchpad, regularly on #ubuntu-translations) I also agree with Adi's suggestions, just adding an extra point:

  1. Sending another e-mail to the team owner/contact and letting him know about our intention and ask him to consider adding Pēteris as an administrator
  2. If after one week we will not get any reply we will ask Launchpad Admins to change Pēteris' membership.
  3. If Pēteris becomes the new translation team lead, he should be aware of the duties that come with that role (being subscribed to the ubuntu-translators list, collaborating with upstream, actively managing the team, etc.), but we can clarify this once we get an answer from the current team admins.

For the first point (1.), I've just sent an e-mail to the current owner and administrators of the team, asking them to comment in this thread:

"Hi Konstantin, Raivis, Danko,

I hope you are all well.

I'm contacting you as administrators of the Ubuntu Latvian translation team regarding an issue affecting the team as explained here:

Pēteris is raising some concerns about the way the team works, the quality of translations and the collaboration with upstream. He is offering his help to collaborate on this and would like to step forward to lead the team.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this by replying to the support request at

Thanks a lot!


P.S. Adi, Aron, thanks a lot for your input on this!

Raivis Dejus (orvils) said : #4

As somwhat passive member of this team for a while I like Peteris ideas. I think:
1. We should provide him with the administrator status so he can help the team.
2. We should clean up the team member list deleting all inactive members (Actially I consider this clean up matter decided for some time, but have not done so. A while ago I sent email to Latvian localizers list with proposal to clean up the team and as no one objected this I think can be considered as "ok" )

I would like to point out that last users got accepted into team by Raivis, which had administrator privileges for a group. Owner itself has been out of reach for quite a time now, therefore he has abandoned team and project itself. Therefore I would like to become owner myself.

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #6

Pēteris please apologies this delay.

I assumed David did not get any reply for his email sent in 11.12.2009.

In this case we should ask the LOSAs for making

Pēteris Krišjānis (

the owner of

David Planella (dpm) said : #7

Indeed I did not get any reply from the e-mail I sent to the current owner.

For the reasons already stated in this thread, I would also recommend making Pēteris the current owner of the team.

In the meantime, though, the easiest step is to make him Administrator of the team, which will give him nearly all privileges an owner has, and will allow him to start coordinating the team and working on his plans to revitalise it.

Raivis, you are currently an administrator of the team, and you have already said that you'd agree on that. Could you make him an Administrator for ubuntu-l10n-lv?

Raivis Dejus (orvils) said : #8

Davis, I am not sure how to make Peteris an admin. When I click to edit his account details I see the date he joined the team, his status ("Administrator: No") and the only thing I seem to be able to do is cancel his membership.

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #9

Only team owners can add new admins. Maybe this is a feature or a bug in Launchpad registry.

Now that we are back in business we should ping the LOSAs and ask them to change the team owner.

Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #10

I've changed the team owner to

Thanks, Tom

David Planella (dpm) said : #11

Hi Pēteris,

Congratulations on becomeing the new Latvian Ubuntu translators lead.

Could you also please send an announcement to the ubuntu-translators mailing list and add your details to



done and done :)

Thanks guys!