Malagasy Translation Team Application

Asked by Mariot Tsitoara on 2011-05-13


I'm hereby applying the new translation team I created to translate Ubuntu into Malagasy Language.
Regarding the list in this page :

- I checked for existence of similar groups. There is one ( but the team doesn't do anything.
- Locale, keyboards and fonts: Malagasy is already coded as ISO 639-1:mg
- Team subscription policy has been modified to "moderated policy".
- Team information: team page has been properly documented.
- Team communication: I already got in touch with just another possible component for the team. As for now, common email communication seem to be enough.
- Guidelines: I'm working in it.
- Upstream collaboration: there is a project ( working on Malagasy translation but no one is really doing anything.
- Coordinator: I'm the coordinator. I also subscribed to the ubuntu-translation mailing list, as requested.

Mariot Tsitoara

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David Planella
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David Planella (dpm) said : #1

Hi Mariot,

Thanks for your interest in translating Ubuntu into Malagasy and for going through the approval process.

You are mentioning a team you've created, but you don't include any links to it. Could you please point us to the team?

In any case, we've got a naming policy of ubuntu-l10n-<languagecode> for Ubuntu translation teams, and it would be much better to get the to be appointed, rather than a new, duplicate team.

Have you tried contacting the owner of I'd suggest doing that and asking him/her to give you the ownership of the team, as they seem to be inactive. If he/she is not responsive, we can then ask a Launchpad administrator to transfer you the ownership.

Please keep us posted on the progress.

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest in the building of the Malagasy Translation Team.
Sorry for that miserable mistake of mine. The link of the team is
I've contacted the owner of but he haven't answered yet.
I'm still working on the guidelines and I think it will be ready within the 6 months you gave me.

Thanks for your time.

Hello again David,

I've created a wiki page for the team :
If it doesn't bother you, could you tell me please what else could I put into that wiki page to make it acceptable?
I plan to link that wiki page and make it the translation guidelines if the team is accepted.

Thank you.

Hello David,

I'm still working on the translation guidelines.
The owner of is not responsive. I guess I have to ask a Launchpad administrator to transfer the ownership.

Thank you.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

Hello, I am Mariot.
This question is about the creation of a traduction team.
It must be open so that Launchpad administrators can accept the team.
Thank you.

I added some lines in the guidelines.
Thank you.

David Planella (dpm) said : #9

Hi Mariot,

Thanks for following this up. You're now the owner of, and I'd be happy to appoint your team for the translation of Ubuntu. Before I do that, do you think you could look into the following points?:

* Add some basic information on about:
  * Welcome note
  * The purpose of the team
  * How to join it
  * Links to translation guidelines
  * Additionally, I'd suggest writing all this in Malagasy instead of English, as the people coming to that page will speak Malagasy. But this is up to you, it's just a suggestion
* Set the contact e-mail to the mailing list you've got

The following can wait, but it'd be great if you could do it too:

* In order to avoid duplication, could you please open a new request to delete the now obsolete team?

Hello David,

I added an welcome note, our aim, how to join and a link to guidelines at (
I wrote all this in Malagasy as you suggested.
Our mailing list address is <email address hidden>
I've already deleted (the one I created) and I sent an application for because you said that it was better to take control of the old team to avoid duplication.

Thank you very much,

Best David Planella (dpm) said : #11

That looks good, thanks Mariot for addressing all the points this quickly!

I've now added your team to the Ubuntu Translators group, so you should be able to start translating Ubuntu straight away.

Please remember to look into the steps listed on, especially the one mentioning the guidelines and "Request language addition".

Welcome to the Ubuntu Translations community and happy translating!


Thanks David Planella, that solved my question.