New Ubuntu Ossetian Translators team

Asked by Xwybylty Soslan on 2011-04-30

I'd like to translate Ubuntu into Ossetian.
There was no existing team and I created it.
Can you add the team to Ubuntu Translators?

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David Planella
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Xwybylty Soslan (soslan) said : #1

1) Check for an existing team. - The team doesn't exist.
2) Locale, keyboard and fonts. - OK.
3) Launchpad team. - OK. (
4) Moderated subscription. - OK.
5) Team information. - OK.
6) Team communication. - OK. Mailing list.
7) Guidelines. - Will be done.
8) Upstream collaboration. - There are no upstream ossetian translation teams. I am working on creating them.
9) Coordinator. OK.

Xwybylty Soslan (soslan) said : #2

New info:
Ossetian translation team created in GNOME ( We will collaborate with them.

David Planella (dpm) said : #3

El dt 17 de 05 de 2011 a les 11:50 +0000, en/na Soslan Khubulov va
> Question #155119 on Ubuntu Translations changed:
> Soslan Khubulov gave more information on the question:
> New info:
> Ossetian translation team created in GNOME ( We will collaborate with them.

Hi Soslan,

Sorry fot the delay in replying.

First of all, thanks for the interest in translating Ubuntu into
Ossetian and for the great work in creating the team.

Having had a look at it, I'll be happy to appoint it for the translation
of Ubuntu, but before that, do you think you could address the following
two points?:

      * We ask teams to provide some basic info on their page, so that
        it is easy for new contributors to join them. They are simple
        things such as:
              * A welcome note with the purpose of the team
              * A note on how to join the team
              * Links to the team's existing communication channels
                (e.g. mailing list, forums, IRC channel, wiki, etc)
                      * Looking at the team's description, it seems a
                        bit short to me. Does it already include all
                        that info? And if not, do you think you could
                        add it?

      * As the team coordinator, it's important that you are reachable.
        We ask all team coordinators to have their e-mail address
        visible in Launchpad. Your e-mail will only be visible to users
        logged into Launchpad, and since you are already exposing it on
        your GPG key, I think it shouldn't be much of an issue. You can
        change the visibility setting here: May I ask you to do that?


Once you've looked into these we can appoint the team so that you can
start translating as soon as possible.

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

Xwybylty Soslan (soslan) said : #4

Hi David!

Thanks for answering and helping me to solve the requirements!

About providing basic info:

1) A welcome note with the purpose of the team. - Exist (first two lines of the team details).
2) A note on how to join the team. - Expanded.
3) Links to the team's existing communication channels. - Done. Thats mailing list.

About email:

Done. Its now visible.


Best David Planella (dpm) said : #5

Excellent, thanks for addressing all of the points so quickly!

I've now appointed the team for the translation of Ubuntu into Ossetian, so you should be able to start translating straight away.

As a final action, it would be great if you could look at the points listed at:

Welcome to the Ubuntu Translations community and happy translating!

Xwybylty Soslan (soslan) said : #6

Thanks David Planella, that solved my question.