Where can I find the upstream translations

Asked by Redmar

I'm a member of the Ubuntu Dutch Translation Team and I would like to know where I can find the upstream translations of xscreensaver for two reasons:
1) To manually import the translations if the upstream translations are more complete
2) To upload any translations done in Launchpad back upstream so that more people can benefit from our work.

I have tried searching the web and the website of xscreensaver but I've been unable to find where the upstream translations live.

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Milo Casagrande
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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Hope it helps.
You might get a faster answer on IRC from your team though.

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Redmar (redmar) said :

I've already asked on IRC in #ubuntu-translators and checked the wiki, but nobody seems to know where the translations come from. I was hoping thist question would be read by those people that maintain xscreensaver here on LP, because they should know where they imported the translations from.

I'm not sure how this question got moved to the translation section, I filed it for the xscreensaver package.

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David Planella (dpm) said :

Here is the upstream:


I guess to send the translation you should report it as a bug and attach it to it.

An easy way to find the upstream projects is using packages.ubuntu.com. E.g., for xscreensaver: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/xscreensaver and then click on the "Homepage" link under "External resources" on the right.

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Redmar (redmar) said :

The upstream website for xscreensaver does not contain any reference to a translation effort. But there must be one because the part of xscreensaver that is translated to Dutch has not been done by the Dutch translation team. Therefore those translations were imported from somewhere else, and I would like to contact those people so that we can coordinate the translation effort and double work is prevented.

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Best Milo Casagrande (milo) said :

Hi Redmar,

if you download the tar.gx file from the xscreensaver website, extract it, and open the "da.po" file (with I think the Dutch translations) contained in the "po/" directory, you can see the names of the last translators. Those translations date back from 2002 and 2005.

Even if on the website there's not written anything about a translation effort, that doesn't mean that they don't accept translations. I think you can open a bug upstream (there is some kind of bug reporting process) and attach your translation there.

Hope this information may help you.

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Redmar (redmar) said :

Thanks for your answer, I've sent an email to the last translator to ask if he is still active as a translator of xscreensaver. If not I will complete the translations (or members of the Dutch team will) and will submit it as a bug report upstream. (PS, the langcode for Dutch is nl, because we call our country NederLand)

I was hoping to find some upstream team that deals with this package, but that seems to have been the wrong approach. Thanks for clearing this up all.

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Redmar (redmar) said :

Thanks Milo Casagrande, that solved my question.