Problems with the templates list of Lucid

Asked by Gabor Kelemen on 2010-02-07

So, there are several templates, that need to be changed...

These templates can be hidden, as the packages were moved to Universe: - The gutsy-wallpapers package seems to be in Universe now - I may be wrong, IIRC there is a wp with this name... btw, I can't see any translated wallpaper names anyway - this might be worth a bugreport - This has now two templates, computer-janitor seems to be obsolete - bug #414035 says, programming chapter was dropped

These templates might need greater priority, to show up earlier in the list:
Is the gimp-tips template intentionally not among the other gimp templates, as it is a translation of an xml file, thus not used currently? If not, then it should be bumped, if yes, perhaps it can be hidden... - failsafexinit is important, see bux #335678 - will be installed by default - at last... the boot loader is translatable :) - another member of the indicator-* family - here kubuntu-docs-basic-commands and kubuntu-docs-development need to be bumped, while it seems kubuntu-docs-index has a too large priority - there are some new kubuntu templates, I suppose they will be quite visible :) - will be installed by default

There are two templates named texinfo, from two different packages:
I have no idea what to do with these... perhaps nothing, but they look strangely similar: - this has no Hungarian translations, but there is a suggestion for every string from the other template.

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Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #1

Hi Gabor,
Thanks for your raising these problems! Here are my changes:

Templates that are disabled in Lucid now:

gutsy-wallpapers template: ubuntu-wallpapers and gutsy-wallpapers are now separated into two packages, the latter one is in universe now. I think you can contact the package maintainer to see whether this package can be translated as other common packages in universe.

computer-janitor: merged translations in domain computerjanitor to computerjanitorapp and disabled computerjanitor because it does not exist anymore during build.

libgda3: demoted to universe

ubuntu-docs-programming: according to bug LP: #414035

compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: demoted to universe

abiword: demoted to universe

gpaint-2: demoted to universe

gnome-pilot-conduits: demoted to universe

xsane: demoted to universe

kdelibs templates: demoted to universe, this package is kdelibs for KDE 3 which is no longer in main. (Template names: cupsdconf, kabc-sql, katepart, kdelibs, kdelibs-colors, kdeprint, kfileaudiopreview, kio, kio-help, kmcop, knotify, kstyle-highcontrast-config, kstyle-plastik-config, ktexteditor-autobookmarker, ktexteditor-docwordcompletion, ktexteditor-insertfile, ktexteditor-isearch, ktexteditor-kdatatool, kde, qt-messages)

Templates needed raised priority:
(Note: Lucid template priority is not set up, so these changes are only intended for easing further changes)

gimp-tips: to the same as other gimp templates, in Lucid gimp templates should have lower priority than in Karmic because gimp are no longer in default installation.

failsafexinit: in xorg package, set its priority to 7600, see LP: #335678

gbrainy: set its priority to 7200, the same as gnome-games package.

grub: set its priority to 8000, grub2 is translatable now.

indicator-me: set its priority to 9280, the same as indicator-* family

ubiquity-slideshow-kubuntu-*: set their priority to 9400, which is 100 lower than ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-*, and not include into language packs. These template's priorities may need further investigation.

simple-scan: set its priority to 7320, it is now in default installation

Template that has changed name:

texinfo in texinfo-bin package has now changed name to texinfo-bin.

Best regards,
Aron Xu

Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #2

As for Hungarian translations of texinfo, you may want to contact Ubuntu Hungarian Translators team at

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) said : #3

Thanks for the quick reaction!
There is (at least ;)) one more: - this seems to be dropped from Lucid:

Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #4

Hi, also disabled screem template from Lucid, thanks!

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) said : #5

Re, I have problems again :)
I don't think you hid the correct template: in Karmic, there is this:

$ dpkg -S /usr/share/locale-langpack/hu/LC_MESSAGES/
language-pack-gnome-hu-base: /usr/share/locale-langpack/hu/LC_MESSAGES/

But the current language pack does not contain anything like this:

And this template had no strings, while the other was at 100%...

gbrainy is still on the last page:
Are you sure you it's priority is set correctly?

Also, pitivi is finally here:
but it's priority is low too.

Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #6

Hi, thanks for your feedback!
I've checked gbrainy and set it to 7200, it should be okay now. And pitivi has been set to 7320.
As for computer-janitor, please track its status when next language pack is available, because we made changes on 2010-02-07, but current language packs were generated at 2010-02-06, the name of translation file should be now.

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) said : #7

Hi, I found another unneeded template:

Scribus actually uses the ts/qm format, the po is available only for the convenience of translators, see here:

Please note that some teams already translated a lot of strings in this big template, so we should make them know that they should export their work and proceed according to the above howto, in order to make their translations available to users.

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #8

A quick note:

When disabling translations from Ubuntu, it is recommended first to generate an full export and make it available here

By doing this, the translations are not lost :)

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #11


Sorry for the delay. If I fail to answer in time on an email or question and you see me online please ping me :)

It is ok to keep them in your account, Just make sure they are linked from this page:

It would be nice if you could also save a "static" view of the template so that it will be easy to see if a language has translations that should be send upstream.
Something like this:

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) said : #14

Templates in the previous comment are hidden and exported packages are listed on

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) said : #15 is also in universe now. But, I'm not sure we just want to throw it out... what did we do with xubuntu-docs exactly?

David Planella (dpm) said : #17

El ds 27 de 02 de 2010 a les 14:06 +0000, en/na Gabor Kelemen va
> Question #100168 on Ubuntu Translations changed:
> Status: Solved => Open
> Gabor Kelemen is still having a problem:
> is also in
> universe now. But, I'm not sure we just want to throw it out... what did
> we do with xubuntu-docs exactly?

I'm not sure about the status of edubuntu docs. They only seem to
contain about-edubuntu.xml. From memory, I think I or someone else asked
at ubuntu-docs how maintained translations were and received no reply,
so I've decided to ask [1].

For Xubuntu docs we decided to export and move them out of the Ubuntu
source package space in Launchpad and to a separate project, with the
possibility to move them back to Ubuntu if translations were actually
maintained [2].

Adi helped them with that, but I haven't seen much activity in the
xubuntu-docs project [3] since then.

(the thread continues in the Dec 2009 archives)

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #18

I guess that this question is solved.
Right now all of us are member of Ubuntu Translation Coordinator team and we can enable/disable templates right away.

Cheers :)