How do I join a moderated translation team?

Created by David Planella

Most of the Ubuntu translation teams follow a moderated membership policy. This means that only members of the team can submit and approve translations.

You should remember though, that anyone with a Launchpad account can provide translation suggestions. This means that you can start contributing straight away, but your suggestions will need to be reviewed and accepted by one of the members of your language's translation team.

As you get more involved in translations, you might want to join a translation team and become a full-fledged translator. Here are the steps you can follow to join a moderated translation team and become an Ubuntu translator with approval permissions:

1. Find out the translation team

You will first have to find out the team translating Ubuntu in your language. Simply go to

and click on the link for the translation team you want to join, which will take you to their home page

2. Apply for membership

Once you are in the team's home page, if the team has information on how to join in, follow their instructions first. Otherwise, click on the Join button, after which an e-mail will be sent to all members to consider your application.

3. Go through the membership process

At some point, you will be contacted by the team's administrator, who will give you further instructions on how to join. You might also be asked to send an e-mail with a short presentation on their mailing list.

Different teams have different policies, and before considering your application they might ask you about your experience in translations. This varies from team to team, but they might expect you to e.g. have a minimum karma score in translation, have a minimum knowledge of the usage of Launchpad and translations, etc.

They usually do this to ensure that the quality of translations is kept to the Ubuntu standards, so don't get discouraged if your application is put on hold or rejected the first time. Take this as an encouragement to learn more about translations and to become a full translation team member!

You will find more information on team membership policies and on other aspects of join a team at