What are the responsibilities of running an Ubuntu translation team ?

Created by Adi Roiban on on 2009-07-10
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Adi Roiban on on 2009-07-13

!!!IN WORK!!!

The main responsibility is to assure the quality of translations delivered by Ubuntu to users.

In order to have a basic quality assurance process we required each team to:

 * Assure translation quality according to the current(legal) grammar/orthography by using a neutral(formal) language
 * Team coordinator(s) should be active in ubuntu-translators mailinglist
 * Team membership should be moderated/reviewed and members should prove they are aware of the team's responsabilities.

Beside the above requirements we also we recommend each team to consider implementing the following actions in order to improve quality:

 * Require members sign the Code of Conduct
 * Send translations / collaborate with upstream

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