Are Ubuntu translations reused upstream?

Created by Adi Roiban on on 2009-07-09
Last updated by:
David Planella on on 2010-07-16

Short answer: yes and no!

Translations made for Ubuntu packages in Launchpad are not automaticaly used in upstream projects.

In order to assure the translations quality in the upstream project, someone from the upstream project will have to manualy review the translations and approve them for upstream usage.

Also sometimes Ubuntu ships an older version for the upstream project, so before submitting upstream the translations requires some changes.

Launchpad makes it easy for upstream projects to get the translations that are made for Ubuntu package(s) of their software. All you need to do is export the GNU GetText file (.po) for your software's package in Ubuntu and use them upstream.

It is not requred that the Ubuntu translator and upstream reviewer to be different persons. For many languages we have Ubuntu translators working both in Ubuntu and upstream translation team.
It is only required that the translator to communicate with the people involved in the upstream project and work togher with them.

You'll find extensive information about the relationship between Ubuntu and upstream translations here: