Just minibuntu 8.4 + gnome 2.xx ! How to ?

Asked by Randoll

ok hi guys..

ok firts my english is not good but i try tha you can understandme...

i need 2 things:

1) I need minibuntu 8.4 + the most recentrly version of gnome 2.xx... ( only this in one .iso )

2) i need to install the first thing in my computer.. cause i just need the base of ubuntu + the GUI


exist one .iso same tha i need ?

In spanish:
Existe alguna imagen de cd ( .iso ) que solo contenga el sistema base de ubuntu 8.4 + la ultima version actual de gnome ?
porque realmente esto es lo que necesito... si no existe podrian decirme como instalar en mi pc, minibuntu + gnome 2.xx,
cuestion de que cuando encienda mi pc suba minibuntu con el sistema grafico gnome ( GUI )

In English:
Is there any image cd (. Iso) that contains only the base system of ubuntu the latest version 8.4 + current gnome?
because this is really what I need ... if there could tell me how to install on my pc minibuntu more gnome ...
question that when I turned on my computer system with the ( boot ) minibuntu graphic gnome (GUI)

m imegine tha this ISO wold be contain the xorg... the alsa-driver.. the GUI.. the APT... etc etc
i dont know i just imagining...


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Best Fabrizio Balliano (fabrizio-balliano) said :

there's no easy way to install "the most recent gnome", you can do that with ease only if you have deb packages otherwise you'll have to compile everything and trasfer all files in the minibuntu iso, quite crazy.

anyway use ubuntu customization kit API, simply unpack the iso, then unpack the rootfs, chroot the rootfs and so some apt-get install gnome and whatever

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Randoll (randilop) said :

thanks.. mmmm

but where i found the gnome etc etc deb packages.. in google or please if you have de link...

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Randoll (randilop) said :

how to i can remaster ubuntu with Reconstructor o UCK o Remastersys... from windows xp.. cause im using xp now... ( just this months )