How do I get the french version of an ubuntu-manual using an english *buntu setup?

Asked by Stubbles on 2012-10-22

I sometimes setup older computers for family and friends with a French Ubuntu setup.
Currently, I only have an English setup of Ubuntu available and I would like to download the French version of the Ubuntu-Manual for v12.04 & 12.10.
Unfortunately, when I change the language to French (Francais) on either of these pages:
I can only download the English pdf.
Is there a way around this? ...or is French not one of the 50-some languages that the manual is available in?

Rob :-)

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Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #1

Hello, Rob.

Unfortunately, the manual isn't yet available in French. There's good news, however: the French translation team is almost finished with a translation of the second edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04. We will be making this French translation available as soon as it's complete.

So far, the manual has only been completely translated into a handful of languages: English, Greek, Dutch, German, and Lithuanian. We have a few new translations that are nearly complete for 12.04 (second edition): Spanish, Slovenian, and French.


Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #2

Thanks Kevin Godby, that solved my question.

Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #3

Let me know if you need someone to review the 12.04 French ubuntu-manual before it is published.

Best Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #4

Enrico <> has been leading the charge for the French translation. I'd suggest that you contact him to see if he needs any assistance with proofreading.

Enrico just pushed the screenshots, and I submitted the very last suggestions yesterday evening.
We have a temporary working version here:

And we have additional good news: we're already well underway for Quantal.

Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #6

Thanks Kevin Godby, that solved my question.