Are there plans for a 2nd edition of the "Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10.pdf"

Asked by Stubbles on 2012-10-22


As a technical user of Ubuntu for many years, I am reading the ubuntu-manual for the 12.10 version to determine if I should recommend it to new users.
I have a few comments/suggestions and I am wondering if a 2nd edition to the 12.10 manual will be made (as was the case for 12.04) version, or if I should provide my feedback as input to version 13.04.

Rob :-)

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Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #1

Hello, Rob.

We only create second editions for LTS releases. There are no plans to create a second edition for 12.10.

We'd love to hear your feedback, however! You can email it to <email address hidden> or file bugs at <>.


--Kevin Godby

Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #2

Thanks Kevin Godby, that solved my question.

Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #3

What is the best way/format to provide feedback?
I was thinking of using the Comment toolbar within Adobe Reader 9 but the pdf of v12.10 has some sort of security/restriction that doesn't allow me to insert comments.

Rob ;-)

Best Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #4

Simple typos and other small bugs may be flagged on <>. If you have larger questions or bugs, you can either file a bug or email our mailing list to start a discussion.


Stubbles (robert-gagne) said : #5

Thanks Kevin Godby, that solved my question.