How to import a PO translated file into Launchpad?

Asked by Jose Luis Tirado on 2012-09-16

I've been working in the Spanish translation of the Ubuntu manual (precise-e2 branch). To make it faster I downloaded the PO files and used OmegaT to complete the Spanish file. Now that I have it I don't know how to upload back to Launchpad. I searched for a while and I found this page:

But I can't say I understand how to do it. I think these are the steps:
  1. Make a branch of the code. DONE.
  2. Commit es.po file. I think it must add it in po/ folder... would the name be "ubuntu-manual-es.po" or simply "es.po"??
  3. Push the branch to Launchpad. ok...
  4. Visit the translations overview page and go for Settings, then Import template files, then click Save settings. ??? I can't see any settings in the translation overview. I don't know if the problem is that the instructions are deprecated or that I don't have enough rights to do the import.

So my question is: how can I update the spanish translations once I got the es.po file???

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John Xygonakis (c7p) said : #1

If you've translated the manual through launchpad, you may have noticed that there is an 'Upload Translation' button at the top part of the screen. This must work.

If you don't find it, here is the link for the precise-e2 series

Jose Luis Tirado (txelu70) said : #2

Well, I couldn't find the 'Upload Translation' button. I was expecting something like that but as I couldn't find it I started to dig in help pages. By the way, I still can't see the button...

Anyway the link did the job, so I mark the problem as solved.

Thanks a lot!