What are the dependencies to compile language other than en_US.

Asked by Vallery Lancey on 2010-08-02

I am unable to compile the Ubuntu Manual in en_GB, or indeed another language other than en_US.

I looked at the errors, and I cannot see anything clear, just the usual spammed messages, with a failure from make at the bottom.

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Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #1

Are you trying to compile the lucid-e1 or lucid-e2 branch?

It's currently not possible to compile translations of the lucid-e2 branch (as there are no valid translations).

If you're having trouble compiling the en_GB (or other) translation, please send the ubuntu-manual-LANG.log file to <email address hidden> and I'll take a look at it.

In general, if you've followed the instructions at http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors#install-tl2009, the translated manuals should compile successfully.

--Kevin Godby

Vallery Lancey (muscovy) said : #2

I was trying to compile e2. I was worried I had done something wrong, thank you.

Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #3

Ah, no problem.

The reason e2 doesn't compile yet is because the translation template hasn't been updated to take into account the e2 changes. (It's still the old e1 template.) The program that handles the po-to-LaTeX conversion can't match up the translated text with the original text and fails.