How to localize \newglossaryentry \gls and similars

Asked by Fran Diéguez

I find that Galician translation doesn't compile 'cause the \gls and \newglossaryentry isn't defined. Currently al the entries are translated like:
\gls{server} => \gls{servidor}
and the same for \newglossaryentry{bla bla bla}

What is the best way to translate those tags for avoid compilation crashes?

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Luke Jennings (ubuntujenkins) said :

I have worked out what is causing that build error, the error was caused in line 4455 of the po file it should read

msgstr "Prema no botón \\button{Aplicar}"

It actually read

msgstr "Prema no botón \\button{Aplicar"

I will make sure it gets updated correctly.

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Luke Jennings (ubuntujenkins) said :

Sorry i answered your e-mail here and not in the e-mail.

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Fran Diéguez (frandieguez) said :

This solves our problem, thanks!

Don't worry about answer here, I you want I'll send a message to the list with your help.

But please answer the question about glossaries... ;~

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Kevin Godby (godbyk) said :

Hello, Francisco.

I will answer your question about which parts of the glossary commands should be translated.

Let's look at the \newglossaryentry command first.

\newglossaryentry{cherry}{name={cherry}, description={A small red fruit that tastes great in pies.}, plural={cherries}}

The first 'cherry' should be left untranslated as it's used as a pointer to the glossary entry. The second 'cherry' should be translated. The description, 'A small red fruit...' should be translated. And if the plural form of the word 'cherry' is something other than 'cherrys' (i.e., the plural form isn't made by simply adding an 's'), include and translate the plural form, 'cherries'.

\newglossaryentry{don't translate}{name={translate}, description={translate}, plural={add if necessary and translate}}

Now, for the \gls, \glspl, \Gls, and \Glspl commands, their argument should NOT be translated. It must match the first 'cherry' from the \newglossaryentry command.

If you look at chapter 4 of the style guide (, it will show you a list of LaTeX commands and how they should (or should not) be translated.

I will email this link to the mailing list as well, since it doesn't appear to be well-known.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


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