When will there be translation updates?

Asked by Andrej Mernik on 2012-09-08

Why is there no one to upload/update the website translations? It's been a year and a half since the website was fully translated in Slovenian and there was no movement at all to update the website. If this project is dead, please just delete/disable the translations and stop wasting peoples time!

Thank you!

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Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #1

Hello, Andrej.

I apologize for the slow updates to the website. The original webmaster is no longer involved in the project and so I've been maintaining the website.

The reason the updated English contents of the web site haven't been uploaded to Launchpad so they can be translated is because I don't know how to generate the translation template file.

The translations that have been completed on Launchpad, however, should work on the website. I noticed that Slovene wasn't in the list of languages on the site (that list is maintained by hand). I've added Slovene to the list and you can see the translated websiate at <http://ubuntu-manual.org/?lang=sl>.

We're currently working on a new website that will make updating and translating the website a lot easier. I'm hopeful that we can get this new website online in the next couple of months.

Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you and your translation team have done — we really appreciate it!

—Kevin Godby

Hello Kevin,

that is good to hear. We worked hard to fully translate the PDF manual for 12.04 (will probably be added to the list of manuals soon) and it would be a little weird if the manual would be in Slovenian, but the Website remained English.

Thank you for your quick answer!

Best Regards,

Kevin Godby (godbyk) said : #3

Hello, Andrej.

Have you alerted anyone that you've completed the Slovenian translation of 12.04? When the translation of the manual is complete (and you've finished any editing that you want to do), let me know and I'll work with you to build the final PDFs and translate a few other odds and ends that we'll need to complete the publication process.



Hello Kevin,

I will notify the translation coordinator.

Best Regards,