how much memory does Ubuntu use?

Asked by spgandau on 2009-10-07

I am searching thru Ubunto FAQ and forums to see if there is documentation about the RAM that Ubuntu uses / needs / max.
My questions are:
1. What is the minimum memory (RAM) that is required by Ubuntu?
2. What is the maximum memory (RAM) that Ubuntu can handle?

I am preparing to make the switch from Windows to Ubuntu / Linux and need some info that I cannot find.
Thanks in advance for any help!



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1) I think the minimum ram is a tough question. When you choose to install Ubuntu there are various programs that are installed which some users feel they dont need. So you get people who install ubuntu the first time, experiment and get the hang of it and then decide to remove or re-install a fresh copy that has been stripped of unncessary software.

Also it depends if you are a hardware nerd ie a person who constantly needs to know what there system is doing all the time. For example, i have a sensors applet which displays hardware info like temp etc. Where as you can get other stuff like conky which is more detailed. This would use more ram and processor activity.

So at the end of the day it depends on yourself.

From the Ubuntu main website:

""At least 256 MB of RAM is required to run the alternate install CD (384MB of RAM is required to use the live CD based installer). Install requires at least 4 GB of disk space.""

2) At the moment if you install 64 bit ubuntu version you will be able to use alot of your ram on your laptop/pc. At the moment i have installed Ubuntu 64 jaunty an i have on my laptop 4 gigs of ram.

Note: you dont even need to install a swap partition because you never really ever get into the situation that you laptop/pc needs more ram unless you are an addict.

Swap partition is a partition that will use physical memory ie your hard drive to increase your virtual memory.

The maximum ram that i have heard of is maybe 6 or 8 gigs.

Also your question doesnt tell us if you intend to install on a laptop/pc or will you be using the server edition which is more built for servers and then you can get real hardware support for addicts.

Hope this helps

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