Asked by tim on 2009-01-11

Before installing Ubuntu Studio 8.04 (hardy heron), I was never prompted to pick a user name or password. I assumed that would come after installation. Well, after installation was complete, I'm confronted with providing a user name and pasword which is unknown to me so I procede to pick the information which I want to use, but the login prompt rejects everything I throw at it. When and where exactly is the documentatation to change the password so I can finally provide the information that I WOULD LIKE TO USE, not some variables that are only known to the software and kept secret from me. Any help would be appreciated without drudging through endless (helpless) help/pages which only lightly touch on the subject without giving specifics.

Thank you. Is anyone there besides a helpless community effort who cant write documentation. Reminds me of why I left Linux based OS at RHEL 3


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tim (3tsl) said : #1

Well, I was right. Not only was I not prompted for a username and password on the first install, but I was not asked to choose between other options. I reinstalled bufuntu 8.o4 (changed partition schemes i.e.), and changed partition parameters, and this time I was given the previously neglected options. RHEL 3 Workstation gave the ability to bypass the password for the superuser in case of forgotten pwds, and I assume the Heron does too, but the documentation available does not give any indication of the command, or at least it was not readily available without scouring seamingly endless repetition of mind-numbing shabby man pages. It kept referring what to do to the .config files and such, which are unavailable to a non-programmer embarking on a problematic install of a new OS. I've seen this same type of thing all throughout my short adventures with Linux. That's why I regretfully went back to windows so I could get some work done without scanning the web for every little piece of the puzzle to make an app work. I really, REALLY hope this OS isn't like that. I really do. Best regards anyway. I do appreciate all of your hardcore non-monopolizing =(windows) Linux efforts. Keep on, and please consider;
the better the accessibility of the documentation, the less of a MS filled world.

Tim Ubuntu (yeah, it's workin' now baby)