puzzling certification forthe Lenovo Thinkpad L420

Asked by neuroStuff on 2011-08-17

I posted basically this thread in Ubuntu forums, sorry to repost it only I realise now that this is the most appropriate place to post, and I think it is more likely to be answered here.

Puzzling Ubuntu certification for L420
Hi I am running Ubuntu on Thinkpad L420


The certification mentions various issues, and a special distribution that is supposed to address them but there is no link for obtaining this distribution.

Ubuntu 11.04 runs fine on the L420 from a live USB drive suggesting that the generic drivers work better than specific ones for some issues.

There are various things wrong with Ubuntu 11.04 standard hard drive install on the L420.

One is the log in screen dissapears completely behind a kind of striped back ground. The only way I know to recover the log in screen is by hibernating/suspending, by closing the laptop, and then waking it up again.

Once logged into Ubuntu Desktop. The mouse cursor always pauses unnecessarily for a period after each freshly initiated mouse movement (this is not true with the live USB on same hardware).

Ubuntu just crashes unexpectantlyand semi frequently (this is not true with the live USB on same hardware).

Since the live USB works comparitvely well, I wonder if anyone knows how to revert a specific driver, like for the graphics card to a generic one?


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The L420 has only ever been certified with Ubuntu 10.10 and that too in pre-installed form only. I think the text on the page is clear - "a special image of Ubuntu pre-installed by the manufacturer". There is nothing to say that Lenovo distribute this image publicly at all. In order to have the certified version of the L420 you would have to buy the L420 with Ubuntu 10.10 selected as the installed OS at the time of purchase. As the text also points out, this option is available only in markets of Lenovo's choosing (I don't know which they may be).

Your best course for the issues you're seeing with 11.04 is still the forums, as you'll have more eyes there. I do believe the Live environment is different in a number of ways to the installed environment, so that might explain the issues you're seeing.

neuroStuff (colouredstatic) said : #2

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for your reply I genuinely appreciate it.

I agree that yes. The website points out that Ubuntu is only certified for 10.10 on L420. Its a very restrictive and limiting certification but hopefully I can survive it.

I appreciate you answering the post and I will pursue it more in the forum like you suggest :).

From Russell.


From this bug report it looks like your issue is soon to be fixed (I believe) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/777212

Are you able to apply updates to the system?

neuroStuff (colouredstatic) said : #4

Yes that it is the bug, or at least the main bug.

I can apply updates, so yes.

Thanks for pointing that out, I had searched for bug reports but I didn't find that one.

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