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hi, all. I have contacted lenovo for ordering a t420s without windows pre-installed. but I got the answer that lenovo only ships the machine with windows 7.

Chat Transcript
Please wait while we connect with you with a Lenovo Chat Representative.
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
You have been connected to Shane.
Shane: Hi, how may I help you?
Y-L: Hi, I am wondering whether lenovo provides T420s with Ubuntu pre-installed.
Shane: No they do not
Y-L: but I checked the, they have ubuntu certified on t420s,
Shane: I understand but it is something you can download and put on the machine
Shane: we do not pre-install it
Y-L: Ok, thanks. another question, can I configure to order a t420s without windows preinstalled and get a refund for that. since I do not use windows.
Shane: There is no refund for the oporating system, we are not allowed to ship machines without oporating systems
Y-L: Thank you so much.
Thank you for contacting Lenovo. You may now close this window.
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Can I get some help from ubuntu for urging lenovo forward releasing windows unbundled t420s?



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Best Brendan Donegan (brendan-donegan) said :


I can't find anywhere to buy a T420s with Ubuntu pre-installed either. We don't have any control over if/how/where the OEM (i.e. Lenovo) distribute or pre-install these images, so unfortunately we can't do much at the moment for you.

As the FAQ says, the image may be available in only 'some markets', so it possibly is available with Ubuntu pre-installed somewhere in the world. But honestly we don't know.

FAQ #1523: “Where can I find a Pre-install/Manufacturer image”.

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divingswallow (agrothendieck1966) said :

@donegan, Thanks for the info provided. However, if the OEMs like lenovo would not ship machines with ubuntu pre-installed, although the certification programme is much appreciated, I still cannot benefit from it directly, right? Actually I feel it is unfair I have to pay for the windows taxes if I don't use the windows 7 shipped with the machine.

The windows eula states it is the manufacturer which decides whether consumers can get a machine with windows or not.

By using the software, you accept these terms. If you do not accept them, do not use the software. Instead, contact the manufacturer or installer to determine its return policy. You MUST comply with that policy, which might limit your rights or require you to return the entire system on which the software is installed.

I'd rather wait until the linux os equipped t420s is offered through lenovo's online ordering system. The more effectively this programme gains support from OEMs, the shorter time I would be waiting for I suppose.

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Brendan Donegan (brendan-donegan) said :


I of course agree with you wholeheartedly :) You might be waiting a long time. As far as I know, Lenovo is provided with the image and it's up to them what they do with it. The ideal situation is that the always provide it as a pre-install option in every market on every machine AND make it available for direct download, but for whatever business reasons they have, they don't.


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divingswallow (agrothendieck1966) said :

Thanks Brendan Donegan, that solved my question.

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gbear14275 (gbear14275) said :

Chat Transcript
Please wait while we connect with you with a Lenovo Chat Representative.
You have been connected to Kumar S.
Kumar S: Thank you for choosing Lenovo Chat service, this is Kumar. How may I be of assistance today?
Kumar S: Hello, How are you doing today?
Me: Hello I am doing well and yourself?
Kumar S: I am good. Thank you.
Me: I was hoping you could help me find out more information about ubuntu preinstalled laptops... specifically the x220?
Me: I am referring to information I found here:
Kumar S: I am very sorry. We don't support Ubuntu.
Kumar S: We only support Windows.
Me: Please visit the link... It says to contact the manufacturer for more information
Me: The Lenovo laptop has been awarded the status of Certified and Ready on Ubuntu PC (x86).

Please note that for pre-installed systems:

1) A special image of Ubuntu is available via the computer manufacturer designed for this specific computer. It takes advantage of hardware features for these systems and may include proprietary software and codecs. Please contact the computer manufacturer for access to that specific Ubuntu operating system version.
Kumar S: Sorry again. It was not from Lenovo website.
Me: are you saying you are not certified?
Kumar S: Yes, we don't support Ubuntu. However you can talk to our tech support on 1 800 426 7378. They will be able to explain that.
Kumar S: Sorry for the inconvenience.
Kumar S: Anything else I can do for you today?
Me: kumar
Me: that is not what I asked
Me: I said is your hardware not certified, I did not ask if you support it or not
Kumar S: I am sorry.
Kumar S: Yes, hardware's are not certified for other operating systems apart from Windows.
Me: Kumar, please hold. I will attempt to find and produce a lenovo document stating otherwise
Kumar S: Okay.
Me: if I do... will you then find the information I requested?
Kumar S: That will be a news to me.
Me: ok I found it
Kumar S: Anyway you can talk to our tech support on 1 800 426 7378.
Me: how would you like me to send it to you? OR... how would you like me to reference it to you
Me: it is the x220 data sheet
Kumar S: Okay. Please give me the link.
Me: WW_WW_DS_Q4-11_20632_X220_MCP2_FA2_Feb-23.indd

Kumar S: Thank you.
Me: I cannot find it any longer on your website, but that appears to be a document id
Kumar S: I am checking that.
Me: thank you sir
Kumar S: This link take me to Google. And does not allow me to access other links.
Kumar S: I am very sorry.
Me: there is the link
Me: on a lenovo site
Kumar S: Thank you.
Me: please let me know when you have it open...
Kumar S: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Kumar S: This is the error message I am getting.
Me: kumar, I cannot help you with your problems... it is a lenovo document from a lenovo website
Me: I cannot make it any more official than that
Kumar S: I understand.
Kumar S: That's not your fault.
Me: thank you for understanding
Me: if you can get it to open
Kumar S: I kindly request you to talk to our tech support. They will be able to help you.
Me: at the bottom of page 3 in the fine print under the table you will find the following items
Kumar S: Please call them on 1 800 426 7378.
Me: 1 The ThinkPad X220 has Linux® Certifications for Redhat®, Novell® & Unbuntu.
2 Actual availability may vary in each country.
3 USB 3.0 available only w/ i7-2620M CPU.
4 Special Bid and CTO only. No standard POR models.
5 80GB mSATA SSD fits in the WWAN slot. As a result, it is not available with WWAN.

Kumar S: The system is shut down if I open this link.
Me: it's ok
Me: you will just have to take what I say as fact then
Me: those 5 bullets are on lenovo documents
Me: indicating certification for redhat, novell and ubuntu linux..
Me: I kindly request you help me find information about the ubuntu software you have available
Kumar S: Okay. I request you to all our tech support.
Me: sir, I contacted chat for a reason
Me: one of them is to have written record of my discussions with a lenovo representative
Kumar S: I am from sales support team and deals with order status and returns.
Me: Kumar, I am pre-sales... I have not purchased my product yet
Kumar S: Tech support don't have chat service at the moment.
Me: the reason is I would like to purchase an X220 with ubuntu pre-installed. That would be a sales discussison
Kumar S: Okay. Let me transfer your chat to our sales team.
Kumar S: Please wait.
Me: Kumar? I do not understand why you can't help me?
Kumar S: That's because, I am from sales support team and deals with order status and returns.
Me: ok, I will hold
Kumar S: Appreciate your patience.
Me: please ensure that the next representative will be able to help me
Kumar S: Okay..
_Jerry O has entered the session.
Kumar S has left the session.
_Jerry O: Hi, how are you doing?
Me: Hello Jerry I am doing well
Me: I hope you and your family are as well?
_Jerry O: we are, thank you
_Jerry O: how can I assist you today?
Me: Did Kumar explain our discussion with you?
Me: Jerry?
_Jerry O: no, i have to read what you wrote, one moment
Me: ok
_Jerry O: from what I have read, you are looking for information on Ubuntu?
Me: Yes :). That would be great!
Me: Can you help me?
_Jerry O: let me try find some information
_Jerry O: one moment
Me: thank you
_Jerry O: here is some information
_Jerry O:
Me: This is your official information?
_Jerry O: no, that is not official information
Me: Jerry, I apologize I'm looking for official information about Lenovo's Ubuntu software as advertised on your documentation
Me: your documentation states that you have certified Ubuntu
Me: I would like to order a machine with this
Me: you are a sales rep?
_Jerry O: you would like to order with a machine with Ubuntu pre installed or just the certification that it can run Ubuntu?
Me: can I do both?
_Jerry O: all our machines come with windows pre-installed
Me: ok, take it off
_Jerry O: we do not offer any with another operating sytem
Me: can you give me information about your ubuntu software then?
_Jerry O: we do not offer the software
_Jerry O: we only offer windows 7 with the machine
Me: yes you do
Me: your documents say you do
Me: Can you confirm that the above is an official lenovo website?
Me: jerry, is this, "" an official website of lenovo?
_Jerry O: wher does ot say we offer Ubuntu?
Me: page 3
_Jerry O: sorry where does it say we offer Ubuntu*?
Me: below the table
Me: 1 The ThinkPad X220 has Linux® Certifications for Redhat®, Novell® & Unbuntu.
_Jerry O: it has the certifications for it
_Jerry O: does not mean we offer it
_Jerry O: you can take out the opertating system once you receive the computer
_Jerry O: and install another one
Me: how much is the refund?
_Jerry O: there isnt any refund
Me: Because I will not accept the license, and it states that I must return the product if I do not accept the license
_Jerry O: we do not offer a refund for it
Me: it is free?
_Jerry O: it comes with the system
Me: for free?
_Jerry O: yes
Me: ok, I will order 10 extra's then
Me: does microsoft know you are offering windows 7 for free?
Me: I don't think they approve of giving out their software for free do they?
_Jerry O: is there anything sales wise I can assit you with?
Me: Jerry is your position still that lenovo gives out windows 7 for $0.00 with its systems? I just want to get it on record when I take this to the authorities
_Jerry O: it comes with the machine
_Jerry O:
Me: thank you for your confirmation
_Jerry O: have a good day
Thank you for contacting Lenovo. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.